10 Reasons you Need Commercial Window Cleaning

Posted on 21st March 2014 by Direct Cleaning Services

Many buildings now, whether as a shop front or part of the modern design look of a building, have large panes of glass and windows. There are important to keep clean for so many reasons if you’re a commercial operation. That’s why we’ve put together the top 10 reasons you need commercial window cleaning services.

1. Make a good first impression. This has to be one of the most obvious reasons for getting commercial window cleaning. Whether you’re attracting business as a shop or in the service industry you’re clients and customers will be put off if your windows and interiors aren’t cleaned regularly.

2. Health and safety. To keep everyone in your building safe you should have regular maintenance of you windows, this includes keeping them clean. Any muck or mould can spread disease and cause the window frames and surroundings to deteriorate.

3. Visibility. The reasons we have windows installed in the first place is so that people can look in and out of your building, as well as letting in sunlight to brighten up the place. With clean windows shoppers can view items you sell, and be tempted into your store.

4. Bird faeces. In urban city spaces pigeons are rife and so is their guano, it doesn’t look nice and can be extremely off putting, regardless of whether you are a customer or a member of the team working in the building.

5. Scuffs. People often lean against window fronts and whether it’s by accident or on purpose it’s easy for them to leave a scuff mark on glass. These scuffs will ultimately collect and age the look of your building, while having them removed is simple and can refresh your windows.

6. Sticky tape and adhesives. More prevalent in retail than anywhere else, sticky tape is used to hang signs and promotional materials. While the material is hanging, it looks fine but once you take it down it leaves a sticky residue which is difficult to remove, and over time dirt can build up on these patches.

7. Grubby hand marks. Children love to press their hands and faces onto windows when looking through and sometimes grown-ups do too! If this builds up on your windows then it makes your establishment look dirty, even if the windows are internal you need to keep them clean.

8. Condensation. If your windows are prone to condensation then you’ll need them taking care of as soon as possible, a build-up of condensation not only presents a poor business front but it will leave water stains on your window, and over a long periods of time can lead to damp which could damage your stock and décor.

9. Muck. General mud and dust can build up on your windows, and if you positioned beside a busy road traffic and road spray from rain can all contribute to dirtying your windows. This muck will linger and makes it difficult for anyone to see in or out of your premises.

10. Mould. Mainly a by-product of lengthy exposure of water or damp, and can create a health hazard as well as an ugly mess if you let mould grow on and around your windows. Green, black and white marks all indicate the growth of mould, and even if you don’t think it’s not too bad, you customers will notice it and be put off shopping with you.


To send out the right message to potential customers and to your staff you should utilise a regular commercial window cleaning. You can avoid all of the above with a premier cleaning service to make your windows sparkle and get the right kind of attention. Remember, there is nothing more off-putting than grubby windows.