Why is Cleaning so Important in Healthcare?

Posted on 25th February 2014 by Direct Cleaning Services

An increasing worry for people entering into hospitals and health care environments is the risk of getting even more ill once inside due to a lack of cleanliness. Overall, the numbers affected have come down in recent years but there are still some serious failings in the profession at all levels. North Staffordshire hospitals have recently been hit by huge fines because too many patients have developed the superbug C-Difficile. This is not the only story you can find of hospitals failing patients however, there are cases all the time in which patients have caught deadly diseases. There are many diseases rife in hospitals at the moment including:

  • Clostridium Difficile
  • MRSA
  • E.coli
  • Norovirus
  • Streptococcus
  • CRKP

Over the past few decades the issue has been pressed and hospitals have developed tight guidelines on hygiene. You will no doubt have noticed the hand gel pumps at nearly every door in a hospital if you’ve visited one recently. This is because most disease can be spread easily from person to person on our hands, it’s invisible to the naked eye so there is no way of knowing for sure if a person is carrying any kind of superbug. But it’s not just visitors who have to use this, doctors and nurses should be using them too.

As well as being transferred from person to person directly the superbugs in hospitals can be picked up from anything touched. This is why a clean and sterile hospital is the only way to prevent the spread of disease. Everything from the blinds to the beds could be contaminated by someone carrying the disease, it’s imperative to have a quality cleaning company give a thorough clean to hospitals and healthcare units. No building is safe from the superbugs, GPs and walk in clinics also need to be cautious and keep on top of the cleaning – mopping the floors and sterilising equipment is crucial to kill germs, especially the gram negative bugs.

In recent findings it has been revealed that antibiotics are not helping us fight the wave of superbugs, the diseases are building immunity to the drugs which we have created to fight them off. We have now come to a dead end in the regards to new drugs to fight the superbugs and the NHS has taken to curbing the amount of antibiotics it provides, with patients given alternatives if the situation isn’t serious.

With this in mind it is ever more urgent to establish a quality cleaning service for regular visits, whether it’s in the dentist office or at the paediatricians. If high standards of cleanliness are kept in all medical professions the better off we will be in the fight against, and control of, disease.

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