Top 10 Places Dirt Could be Lurking

Posted on 15th October 2014 by jask Media

In your home you probably know all of the places which get dirty the quickest and which are harder to reach, but what about in your commercial premises? This is a shared space where lot of people come and go every day – you’ll even get fleeting visits from people in other departments, visitors, workmen and clients, making it especially important to keep your space clean throughout.

The points where you’ll find dirt lurking in commercial premises can be a little different to your home and some of the following locations might surprise you more than others. Take a look below to see where the potential for germs and bacteria lurks in your building.

1. Underneath furniture Much like in your home, there will be pieces of furniture which hardly ever move, and it’s only when you come to alter the layout of your premises or replace furniture that you see just how bad it can get.

2. Dishcloth If you have any communal kitchen areas you might be tempted to give your utensils and mugs a quick wipe with the dishcloth, but in fact this is a breeding ground for bacteria. It’s something everyone uses but few people ever wash or replace.

3. Soap dispenser Commonly found in the bathroom, everyone uses a soap dispenser, meaning that the germs build up and render any washing of your hands pretty useless.

4. Refrigerator seal This is another common one you’ll find at home, but in a communal building a fridge is even more susceptible as there are more people using it. The plastic soft seal around the edge of the door collects germs and is a breeding ground for mould.

5. Door handles Touched by almost everyone, with no way to guarantee how clean each person’s hands are, door handles and door knobs are common places for bacteria to transfer between people – something which can be deadly in hospitals and care homes.

6. Welcome mat Another area you may not give much thought to is the welcome mat at your entrance, people can traipse all manner of things into the building on their feet and embed them here.

7. Light switches If you have a standard white light switch, you will no doubt see fingerprints and sticky patches, but even if it looks clean it could still harbor invisible germs.

8. Blinds Your blinds are a constant dust and dirt magnet. If you have the windows open you could find the polluted air gradually building on them, but if you keep windows closed it could be a moisture trap, offering mould somewhere to fester.

9. Top of the door There is one point of every door which never gets touched, and that’s the top. This area might not be much to worry about but eventually it needs to be wiped down as it will build up a narrow layer of dust and dirt.

10. Light fittings All buildings need light and light fittings, but these are areas rarely touched by anyone in the building. Because of this they are constantly gathering dust and, if they have any openings, flies and other insects can find their way in. The last thing you want is creepy crawlies dying and becoming stuck in your light fittings, so it’s important to have them cleaned on a regular basis.

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