5 Gadgets To Help Keep Your Office Clean

Posted on 23rd April 2015 by jask Media

Keeping your commercial premises clean is of the utmost importance, both for the sanity of everyone working there but also because of issues surrounding hygiene. There are many different ways in which you can combat the day to day dust, dirt and grime which you’ll come across at work, but this month we’ve selected a few gadgets which can hopefully help you – and perhaps even amuse you – as you strive for perfection.

  • Dyson DC35 Digital Slim Vacuum

When you’re working in an office space is a rare commodity, and while you might usually leave the vacuuming to the professionals, there is no harm in having something like the Dyson Digital Slim Vacuum on hand. This particular device won’t take up much room but can offer you a blast of high power vacuuming when someone has left crumbs on the floor, when they’re are cobwebs in the corners or when you decide to rearrange the furniture to find clusters of dust and hair.

  • Cyber Clean Electronics Cleaning Putty

A more grown up version of silly putty, you can suck up all the dirt and grime off your most often used electronics to keep them clean. Items such as telephones, printers, keyboards and mouses can all be rescued from the inevitable accumulation of muck and human sweat which builds. In the long run this could even save you from having to replace certain items, keeping the running costs of your company at a minimum.

  • Mop Slippers

Put your feet to work and slip on a pair of these mop slippers. These are great if you have a marble, laminate or linoleum floor which needs a regular dusting or mopping. They might look ridiculous and of course they aren’t as good as proper mopping but they can help to combat messy floors, encouraging people to think more about their surroundings and how they can help to keep it clean.

  • i-Robot Roomba 780 Vacuum Cleaner

This intelligent little robot can work it’s way across a variety of flooring types, trapping dust particles and allergens to help keep your office space clean. It automatically charges and can be set to a schedule so it won’t be trundling around when your alarms are set in the evening. It is by no means a cheap robot, but it’s worth the investment if you’re truly dedicated to having your floors in tip top condition between the thorough cleans you get from your commercial cleaning company.

  • Karcher WV5 Premium Window Vacuum Cleaner

If you have large windows, patio doors or even a glass frontage for your premises then you no doubt want to ensure you get a professional window cleaning service. However, this doesn’t legislate for an emergency so you might need to keep your own basic kit on site just in case. A Karcher Window Vacuum will help tackle muck, dust, and streaks to help you give the best first impression.

Here at Direct Cleaning we provide thorough, professional commercial cleaning services. We tackle everything from retail cleaning to commercial window cleaning, helping you to maintain clean, tidy and hygienic premises on a schedule suited to your requirements.