5 Tips for Keeping your Office Clean

Posted on 18th June 2013 by Direct Cleaning Services

With health and safety high on the agenda for any workplace, making sure that your office environment is as clean as possible is vital to a healthy working environment. Not only will this keep any insurance policies and safety agencies happy, it will also help to create a more comfortable and staff-friendly atmosphere too. There are lots of ways that you can introduce and maintain a clean office; here are our top five tips to get you on your way…

1. Keep Waste Paper Bins Clear of Food
Most offices will have at least one employee guilty of leaving a banana skin or apple core in their waste bin over the weekend, making for unpleasant smells and working environments for everyone else on Monday morning. This can be a particular problem in larger offices as you’ll have check that everyone is using the main bins in communal areas for disposing of food and drink items. If you are in a larger office or in just one room, it is advisable to purchase a large bin specifically for this type of rubbish that gets emptied on a more regular basis to steer clear of unwanted odours.

2. Recycle as Much as Possible
Minimise your waste and find out where the local recycling bins are. If your office is big enough it may be worth contacting a recycling company to arrange regular collections of your recyclable waste. Whether it is cardboard delivery boxes, plastic food packaging or shredded paper waste, this will help to create a cleaner office space and is great for the environment too!

3. Maintain the Office
Make sure there are basic supplies available for emergencies such as kitchen towels for spillages, a washing up space for lunchtimes and a vacuum for any breakages. Even if you get a cleaner in on a regular basis, it can decrease morale to have crumbs and dirty marks all over the desks and office in the meantime. It can also help to maintain equipment meaning fewer expenses for your office long term.

4. Promote Personal Hygiene
In many public places now, from hospitals to shops, you are likely to find bottles of hand gel to help maintain hygiene standards, so why should this be any different in your office. Provide each employee with a bottle at their work station so that they have no excuse to be typing with sticky hands or getting marks all over door handles and office property. Simple things such as not eating at a desk which can avoid crumbs in keyboards, or if this is not appropriate then wipes for the desk can help keep things tidy.

5. Hire an Experienced Cleaning Company

Without a doubt, hiring a professional office cleaner is one of the best things that you can arrange. Make sure that you choose a reputable firm who has plenty of experience working in commercial environments. Once you have found the right firm for you, decide whether you want them to come in daily, weekly or anything in between – have a look at your staff rotas and see when the busiest times are for you. A good cleaning company will make sure that your workplace is vacuumed, dusted, bins are emptied, and can usually make arrangements for them to take care of anything else you specify, to ensure that staff morale is at its best every day.

There are many simple and effective ways that office tidiness can be introduced, with day to day routines such as each person being responsible for their workspace and weekly scheduled professional cleaning. Make sure that your office environment is as productive as it can be by maintaining cleanliness, reducing odours and generally creating a hygienic atmosphere to work in.