Avoid Pests with Regular Cleaning

Posted on 7th November 2014 by Direct Cleaning Services

The worst thing to discover in any office is that there is a pest problem. A pest problem can be anything from cockroaches or ants, to pigeons, rats or mice, they can even be microscopic pests such as dust mites and bed bugs. The thing they all have in common is that they can all invade your office space and turn the working environment into a hygiene and health hazard epicentre.

In this article we’ll be giving you some pointers for keeping the pests out of your office space and away from your food, your staff and your visitors.

Vacuum regularly

As we all know, pests of all kinds are attracted by what we leave behind, whether that’s a trail of crumbs and other foodstuffs for ants to scout out, or hair and skin flakes for dust mites to feed on and take root with.

For this reason you must ensure your office and business premises are regularly vacuumed. If you remove the things which pests are attracted to you’re far less likely to be paid a visit by them. All carpets need to be vacuumed regularly but if your office chairs have cushioned material then a quick once over with the extension nozzle of a vacuum can have a big impact.

Disinfect surfaces

Sticky and sweet areas can be a haven for all kinds of insects, and while you might think you keep a pretty clean house there is nothing wrong with regularly disinfecting surfaces. Workers desks will be the most obvious places to disinfect and this is also good for stopping the spread of germs, but it’s the less frequently attended surfaces which need attention too. The communal areas people don’t give a second thought to and kitchen areas are especially attractive to creepy crawlers and flying insects like wasps.

Empty your bins

With every passing day your unemptied bin begins to fester and the contents congeal into a concoction of things which not only smell, but bring with them rodent issues.
If you regularly have your bins emptied you’ll be spared the smell and there will be nothing to attract mice and rats. Wasps can also become attracted to open bins where there is something sweet or sticky for them to pick up on, so washing the inside of your bins is also useful.

Reduce office clutter

Whilst many pests can be quite brazen in their attempts to create a presence in your office, most bugs and rodents prefer to be hidden in your clutter and rubbish where they can go undetected until they need to venture for food.

Keeping an office tidy and free of clutter is not only key for health and safety so people don’t trip, but you also remove the potential for any pest to make their home – especially if an item has been sitting unmoved for quite some time.

Here at Direct Cleaning we provide premier office cleaning services to ensure that you have a hygienic workplace free from pests. To learn more about our services and how you can benefit, simply contact our professional team today.