The Benefits of a Clean Desk

Posted on 20th May 2016 by jask Media

Be it the occasional sneeze, the crumbs from the biscuit or two (or several) you eat at your desk every day, or the stacks of paper you find mounting up throughout the day, there’s a whole host of things to contend with that can leave your desk downright filthy which you need to keep an eye on. And the benefits of doing so are certainly aplenty.


Bacteria and viruses can thrive on a desk that is rarely cleaned, particularly in nooks and crannies like the spaces between the keys of a keyboard where cleaning can be difficult. Although coughing and taking a quick lunch at your desk can contribute greatly to causing problems with micro-organisms, over a period of time there will inevitably be a buildup of germs at your desk regardless of whether you eat out, cover your mouth or wash your hands regularly. A wipe down with an antibacterial wipe every so often keeps on top of germs and will make it less likely for you or anyone else to get a sniffle!

clean desk


Printouts can be useful in providing a hard copy to refer to when working at your desk instead of sifting through the tabs open on your browser, but there comes a certain point when the physical copies will prove to be little more than clutter on your desk you struggle to find things in. Learning to effectively organise the desktop on your computer and recycling all that spare paper will free up hours of your working day to focus on your projects.


Likewise, the printouts and hard copies on your desk aren’t just easily seen by you, but also anyone who comes across your desk whether you’re in or out. Material that could be sensitive to clients or the company could be misplaced, so keeping confidential information on your computer is an easy way to boost the security of your workspace and cut down on mess. Win-win.


While a bit of mess on a desk has been found to encourage creative ideas, an organised one has been found to promote re-hashes of old ones, so it’s not all good news sticking to being tidy. Starting off your projects with a little clutter on your desk and working towards an end that is tidier can spice things up a little, but research has shown that a tidier desk can curb stress levels significantly. Weigh up the pros and cons of balancing new ideas against your stress levels appropriately and always remember where you left things.

Improved Impressions

In most walks of life people make assumptions about you based on their first impressions of you. Not only do they draw conclusions about you from how you’re dressed or how you talk, but your desk is also up for scrutiny. A messy desk can leave clients thinking of you as disorganised and unreliable, and so can your colleagues in the long-run, leaving you with less business and less likely to move up the ladder in your company. On the other hand, a tidy desk promotes positive impressions about you and, therefore, the company to those around you.

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