The Best Tips For A Cleaner Carpet

Posted on 11th December 2014 by jask Media

Your carpets are a valuable asset in your building regardless of whether it’s an office, a school or a care home. It can make or break a sale if your building looks messy and uncared for, with carpeting being one of the first things people notice when they walk through your door.

Hygiene is also a massive factor for many buildings, anyone coming in or out of your building will want to know that your premises are clean. With cleaner carpets you signal to customers, residents, clients and even your own staff that your care about health, hygiene and first impressions.

With this in mind we’ve collected some top tips for keeping your carpets clean.

Blot Your Stains

The first reaction most people have when they see a stain is to immediately pummel it with a cloth or soak it with a cloth. This is the worst thing you can do, as you’re essentially pressing the stain further down into the pile, and by wetting the stain you make the drying time even longer, leaving you with a nasty splotch in the middle of your carpet.

Reacting quickly is a good thing, but you should blot the stain gently with a towel or cloth first to remove excess liquid. Now you can deal with the stain with a dampened cloth, working from the outside of the stain to prevent it spreading. This will hopefully remove the majority of the stain and you can repeat the process with a cleaning solution as many times as you like to try and remove the stain fully.

Carpet Cleaner

While chemicals can be harmful for most materials, you can keep your carpet fresher for longer if you use some sort of cleaning solution. This can be a homemade solution or an industry approved chemical one, as long as it freshens up your carpet and doesn’t have any notable, adverse effects.

Regular Cleaning

Tied in with the last point, regular cleaning of your carpets will help to keep on top of any gradual accumulation of dust, muck and general dirtying. You’ll notice the difference more if you have a lighter carpet but it remains true regardless of what colour carpet you have.

If you’re not sure how to best clean your carpet, you can’t decide on the right cleaner or simply don’t have the time, then contact a professional cleaner. Professional cleaners will be able to assess your carpet and provide a cleaning schedule with all the right tools to keep your carpet clean for you.

Clean In Straight Lines

One mistake people tend to make when they clean their own carpets – or if they don’t hire experts – is forgetting to clean in straight lines. This creates streaks in your carpets, which might not be visible as you clean, but will look awful once dried.

By cleaning in straight lines you avoid the streaking and create a smooth, tidy clean with an overlap.

All of these tips will help you to keep your carpet clean and displays pride in the upkeep of your building. If you’d like to get all the benefits of professional carpet cleaning then simply contact Direct Cleaning today and we’ll be happy to help.