The Biggest Cleaning Myths Today

Posted on 18th December 2014 by jask Media

There are plenty of myths around out there about cleaning and the best ways to clean, but since the rise of the internet there are lots more. Perpetuated on forums and blogs, people are taking tips from strangers with no real background or understanding of the best practices. That’s why this month we’ve decided to debunk five of the biggest myths you might have picked up on the internet – or by word of mouth.

#1 The More Product You Use, The Better The Results

This first myth is a pretty popular one, you don’t even have to have picked it up from someone else, the human mind just automatically assumes that more product means greater cleaning power. Most cleaning products have directions for use on them so it’s best to stick to those recommendations. Using extra of any cleaning product will only mean you wasting the product and creating a buildup of gunk and fluids.

#2 The DIY Approach Is The Best

While no one likes to use harsh chemicals, especially in the workplace where they can be dangerous, your DIY cleaning solutions might not always be best. The problem with most DIY solutions is that many people don’t consider the chemistry involved in making them. You can’t just bung different things together and hope to get the worlds best cleaner – it’s fruitless and can cause dangerous chemical reactions. For example, vinegar and bleach is a huge no-no as it releases deadly toxins.

#3 Newspaper Is Great For Buffing And Shining

An old trick, with the added benefit of recycling, newspaper can actually be used to buff and shine your mirrored surfaces, but it has the nasty habit of smearing its ink at the same time. While this might not concern many people, it should be cause for concern if you have white window frames or ledges. By leaving marks all over your surfaces you’re essentially making more work for yourself.

#4  Hairspray Can Remove Ink Stains

There was once some truth to this particular tip, which is why it might still be getting recommendations. But the nature and the chemical makeup of products such as hairspray has changed a lot over the last 30 years. There used to be a lot more alcohol in hair spray and this was the key ingredient which helped to shift the stain, but now there is a lot less alcohol in hair spray which renders this old trick a bit useless and outdated.

#5 Bleach Is The Ultimate Cleaner

The power of bleach as a disinfectant is not to be underestimated, as it kills germs better than anything else, but as a cleaning solution it is not the ultimate tool people would have you believe. Bleach doesn’t tackle the underlying problem of grime and dirt in the way that other solutions do, so you’ll need plenty of elbow grease.

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