Biological vs Chemical Cleaning

Posted on 4th September 2023 by Direct Cleaning Services

Are you wondering whether to use biological or chemical cleaning products and processes? If so, keep reading. In this article, we’ll talk about biological vs. chemical cleaning to help which to use when cleaning your premises. There are various factors to consider, including your cleaning needs, the nature of the surfaces being cleaned, environmental considerations, and personal preferences. Read on to find out more. 

Biological vs. chemical cleaning

The main difference between biological and chemical cleaning is the products used. Chemical cleaning involves the use of synthetic or formulated chemical substances, whilst biological cleaning uses natural enzymes or bacteria to break down organic matter and stains. Some of the main differences between biological and chemical cleaning can be found below. 

What are biological cleaning products?

Biological cleaning products tend to be more friendly to the environment. They normally consist of naturally occurring ingredients. These products can break down dirt and grime whilst causing less harm to people using the products or in close proximity to them. Biological cleaning products often contain specialist enzymes that give them a powerful ability to remove grime and prevent unpleasant odours at lower temperatures than other cleaning solutions. Once you apply them, they normally keep working for longer.

Some people claim that they can continue cleaning and protecting through residues up to 80 hours after application. Healthier contents found within biological substances can also replace bacteria and diseases, playing a big role in preventing the spread of germs as well as other possibly life-threatening bacteria.

What are chemical cleaning products?

Chemical cleaning products also go by the name of ‘non-biological cleaning products’. A positive attribute of many of today’s chemical-based cleaning products is that they tend to be safer than those of the past. However, it’s normally very important to use these products with higher temperatures. They aren’t as naturally effective in tackling grime as biological cleaners are. One key benefit of chemical cleaning products is that they aren’t as likely to trigger allergies.

Remember to handle chemical cleaning products carefully and properly when you use them. The harsher elements of chemical cleaning products can be hazardous. Getting these substances in your eyes can be very dangerous. Even if the chemicals are mild, they can still cause irritation.

Can both biological and chemical cleaning products be used?

Many cleaning companies do opt for a mix of biological and chemical cleaning products. This is largely because some products are better for overcoming certain challenges than others. Whichever cleaning company you opt for, you need to choose one that’s able to use both biological and chemical cleaning products safely and effectively. The team should be staffed by competent cleaners who know which option is best for the situation they are facing. In situations where toxic chemicals are used, children must not be exposed to risk.

Biological vs. chemical cleaning: pros and cons

What are the advantages of biological cleaning products?

Biological or natural cleaning products do not contain toxic chemicals. This makes them particularly beneficial for people with allergies or sensitive skin. People can normally use them without having to worry about inhaling toxic fumes or coming into contact with irritants. Nonetheless, some of these products can still be harmful if they are not used correctly. Natural cleaning products are becoming easier to access as they become more widely available. They also tend to come in eco-friendly packaging, which is great for those prioritising sustainability.

What are the disadvantages of biological cleaning products?

These products can sometimes be less effective than chemical products. To get more efficiency out of them, you may need to give them longer to work their magic or apply more force. They can be harder to come by than chemical cleaning products and can be costlier.

What are the advantages of chemical cleaning products?

Chemical cleaning products can be very effective due to containing the specific chemicals needed to carry out their work. They can remove tough stains without needing as much elbow grease or time. They are easier to access than biological cleaning products and are particularly suitable for deep cleaning, especially in busy environments.

What are the disadvantages of chemical cleaning products?

Chemical cleaning products can be dangerous when misuse occurs. They can also pose a risk to people with allergies and skin sensitivities. The harsh chemicals found in some chemical cleaning products can cause respiratory problems and irritate the skin. These products also need to be kept well away from children and pets who could ingest them accidentally. The chemicals can sometimes enter the water supply too, causing further issues. 

deep cleaning servicesWhich products are the most suitable for specific environments?

Whether you should use biological or chemical cleaning depends on what is being cleaned. Chemical cleaning products can be the best option for high-traffic areas as they are more powerful. These products are more likely to be used in places that require more frequent cleaning. It’s worth noting that some chemical cleaning products have fewer harsh chemicals than others. Always read the label before you go ahead and use any new chemical cleaning product to make sure you’re working with it safely. Natural cleaning products can be better for environments that aren’t so busy. They are normally effective enough to clean and disinfect spaces without putting people or their health at risk.

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