Can a clean office improve productivity?

Posted on 30th April 2022 by jask Media

When hiring professional office cleaners in Sheffield or Rotherham, your focus may be on killing germs in order to improve the health of your staff or making your workplace look its best for visitors. However, another benefit of keeping a clean office is higher productivity. By keeping your office clean and tidy, you can make your workforce more motivated and efficient, helping to boost outcomes, drive up revenues, and achieve a healthier bottom line for your business. Read on to find out how can a clean office improve productivity.

How does a clean office boost productivity?

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Over the years, research has continually demonstrated a direct link between the cleanliness of an office and productivity levels. A study conducted by the Association of Cleaning and published in the European Cleaning Journal is the most notable to date, along with a Dutch study conducted at Wageningen University (1999) which generated similar results. All the evidence shows that regular office cleaning can seriously enhance employee productivity levels.

Improving focus

The fact is that a clean office helps employees to better focus on their tasks. When their workspace is clean and organised, there are fewer distractions to take their attention away from their work. This increased concentration not only means that less time is wasted but that work is carried out to a better standard. Staff are more likely to do what is expected of them when their desk remains clean and tidy. 

Saving time

When an employee’s desk is messy and cluttered, it can result in them wasting huge amounts of time. For example, rather than instantly knowing where to find an important document, they’ll likely need to sift through hundreds of reams of paper to track it down. The more time they spend searching for paperwork, the less likely they are to complete daily tasks to the deadline. Moreover, they may also spend several minutes every day tidying their desks, eating into time they should be spending working. If an employee spends five minutes every day tidying their desk, this equates to several lost work hours every year. 

Lowering stress and anxiety levels

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As well as making employees more focused, a clean office can reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, both of which have been shown to negatively affect productivity levels at work. To improve your employees’ performance, it makes sense to invest in professional cleaning services. Hiring professional cleaners is a worthy investment since a cleaner office space can boost your team’s productivity levels, ultimately improving your business’s bottom line.

Reduce employee sick days

Another way that a clean office can improve productivity is by slashing employee sick days. Since regular cleaning can help to kill viruses and bacteria, it can reduce instances of sickness, helping to keep as many of your staff at work as possible. Offices that are not cleaned to a high standard can be hotbeds for germs, which means as soon as one person gets sick, others soon follow. Did you know that an office keyboard can contain more than 7,500 bacteria at any given time? Or that viruses like the flu can stay on desks or computers for over 24 hours? These are shocking statistics to consider.

Even if employees aren’t quite sick enough to take time off work, their efficiency and output are still likely to take a hit. They’re going to be tired and sluggish as their bodies use up vital energy fighting whatever is making them ill. To protect your employees’ health and maintain high levels of productivity, it makes sense to invest in local cleaning services. 

The effects of dirt and disorganisation 

Don’t underestimate the impact of a dirty office. Whilst you might assume that it’s only a bit of muck and clutter, it can have a serious effect on the productivity of your staff. As well as distracting them from their work and reducing their focus, it can also cause stress and anxiety and even make them sick, leading them to take time off work to recover. The effects of a dirty office can be significant.  

Professional office cleaning in Sheffield and Rotherham

When it comes to finding office cleaners in Rotherham or Sheffield, look no further than Direct Cleaning Services. We are the region’s leading commercial cleaning firm, with hundreds of local businesses hiring our services. Whether you have one office or several of them that require cleaning, we can assist. Our cleaners are highly experienced and fully trained, making sure they are able to clean your office to the very highest standards. We use the most effective cleaning techniques and state of the art equipment to ensure an exceptional clean every time. 

Whatever sector of industry your business is in, clean office space is essential. Keeping your office clean can dramatically improve employee productivity levels, helping to increase outcomes and revenue significantly. When you choose Direct Cleaning Services to clean your office, we’ll tailor our service to meet your needs. We’ll adhere to a strict checklist to ensure that every box is ticked when carrying out our work. We can carry out cleaning during evenings, nights, and even at weekends. This in turn ensures that as little disruption is caused to your business as possible.  

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