How Should Cleaning Chemicals Be Stored?

Posted on 16th April 2018 by jask Media

Keeping your cleaning chemicals, supplies and equipment stored properly is not only vital for safety, it can also lengthen the products’ lifespans and ensure all your items are easily found and reachable.

To help make sure you keep your supplies safe and correctly stored, we’ve put together some helpful guidance and tips.


Storage Location

Within your company’s office, healthcare establishment or school premises you should have a dedicated storage room or cupboard to keep your cleaning supplies contained and organised. The size of the space needed will depend on the size of your organisation and amount of products and equipment you have. Try to ensure you have ample space for your equipment and products as you don’t want to cram them into too small a room – this is a recipe for things getting lost, broken and left to degrade.

Your cleaning storeroom should be kept clean, cool and dry – this is vital for maintaining the effectiveness of products throughout their lifespan – and should contain shelving and racking to keep your products organised. Lastly, due to all the potentially hazardous cleaning chemicals present, it’s a good idea to keep the room secure and locked, particularly in schools and establishments where curious children could be present.


Cleaning Chemical Storage Tips:

  • Make sure all products in your cleaning store are easily accessible for cleaners, with sturdy step stools available in stores with high shelving
  • When organising your cleaning cupboard, think about the products/items and their usage – for example, heavy items should be stored lower down, similar products should be grouped together, and the most frequently used items might be best placed near the front of the room
  • Order your cleaning chemicals methodically and safely – for example, separate liquid and solid products, acids and alkalis, etc.
  • Keep any flammable substances safe in a flameproof metal cupboard
  • Keep cleaning chemicals in their original containers and make sure they are sealed up when in the storeroom – spills and accidental mixing of different chemicals can be hazardous
  • Don’t over-stockpile products as this can lead to unnecessarily jam-packed rooms
  • Inspect your products regularly and if any become worn or broken, dispose of them safely and replace them quickly
  • Electrical machinery – for example, vacuums, floor scrubber dryers and carpet cleaners – should be stored unplugged and with the cables tidy and retracted properly
  • For equipment which gets wet – such as mops, sponges and clothes – make sure these are thoroughly rinsed and wrung out before storing to prevent grime accumulating and mould growth


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