6 Invaluable Cleaning Tips For Pet Owners

Posted on 20th February 2017 by jask Media

How to Clean Up After Your Pet

Since pets just feel like one of the family, it is hard to keep them from roaming freely around the family home. However, wherever your pet goes there is the chance of them creating mess. Cleaning up pet hair, or worse, is one of the inevitable, frustrating factors about owning a pet. This article will give tips and advice for keeping your home clean with a pet in residence.

Pet hair on floors

Pet hair will often end up accumulating on the floor. The best way to deal with this is simply to vacuum your carpet regularly, using a cleaner with high suction power. If you have hard flooring – such as hardwood, laminate or tiles – this task can be somewhat easier and using an electrostatic mop can do the trick more effectively without risking damage to your flooring surface. Professional cleaning services will have a wide range of available equipment and will use the most efficient methods to keep your home free from pet hair.

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Pet hair on upholstery

If your pet is allowed to sit on the furniture, or tends to rub against it, their hair can build up on your upholstery too. Certain fabrics, like leather, are much easier to clean and can simply be wiped down with a damp, clean cloth. Other fabrics can be cleaned using the upholstery attachment for your vacuum. Alternatively, a cheap trick is to wear rubber gloves and brush down the furniture to easily lift and gather pet hair.

Brush your pet regularly

This is more of a preventative measure for copious amounts of dispersed pet hair. Essentially, you are trying to brush out the hair before it moults and ends up scattered around your home. This isn’t going to prevent all hair shedding but it should noticeably help to reduce the hair left on furnishings.

Clean paws

Although this seems like an obvious tip, you should try to ensure you clean your pet’s paws before they’re allowed around the house. This is something to enforce more thoroughly during wet, winter months. Even if paws are only a little dirty, this can eventually get trodden into carpets and build up over time, resulting in them looking grubby (especially with pale colours). If this does occur, a professional deep clean is a great solution.

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Messes and stains

For more significant messes and stains, the trick is to act quickly; if you leave the mess, it will only become harder to clean later and may result in you requiring professional cleaning assistance. Make sure you don’t use cleaners which contain harmful chemicals which could be dangerous to your pet. Pet stores often stock cleaning fluids which are safe for pets; alternatively, being thorough with regular dish cleaner and warm water, interspersed with blotting actions, is often sufficient.

Protect upholstery

In another somewhat preventative measure, consider covering areas your pet likes to sit with a blanket or mat. This will not only give your pet a designated space, it will also protect the area from pet hair and smell accumulation. You will then be able to easily and regularly put the covering into the washing machine to clean for maintained freshness.

If you don’t have the necessary time to invest in regularly cleaning your home, Direct Cleaning Services can offer a comprehensive cleaning service to keep your house fresh. Our service can be tailored to your needs and for the frequency you desire. Furthermore, we offer one-off, deep cleans to eradicate all accumulated dirt and persistent smells. Contact Direct Cleaning Services today for help with any cleaning needs or for general enquiries.