Cleaning Tips for the Office

Posted on 29th July 2013 by Direct Cleaning Services

Keeping your office clean and presentable can sometimes feel like a challenging and daunting task, especially in a busy working environment with lots of people coming and going all day. Although the best way to ensure that your office is always up to standard is to hire a professional to undertake regular cleans – whether it’s daily cleaning and tidying tasks, or monthly in-depth cleans. But there are a few things you can do to make your working environment more pleasant for your employees and visitors, in between professional cleaning.

Follow our simple tips and see what a difference it makes to your office:

Air Your Rooms Often

Try to keep your windows open for as much of the day as possible to ensure proper air circulation. Unless you work in the middle of a construction site, or next to a noisy main road, chances are the air outside is cleaner than the air you circulate indoors.

A steady supply of fresh air will not only remove a build-up of toxins and bacteria, keeping your office healthier, but it will also help to enhance the productivity of your team and lighten the mood of people working in a confined space.

Banish the Junk

Clutter and junk can quickly pile up in a busy office, whether it’s old paper work waiting to be shredded, stationary supplies cluttering up the store room or your employees amassing lunch boxes and old newspapers on desks. This sort of rubbish will harbour dust and debris and make the place look untidy, but can also present a hazard if left near exits and in walkways.

Encourage your employees to keep a clear workspace, ensure deliveries are unpacked as soon as they arrive and supply plenty of rubbish bins and recycling bins so waste can be disposed of easily. If your filing cabinets are overflowing, have a clear out or invest in extra storage to ensure everything can be put away without any hassle.

Kitchen clear-out

The office kitchen is the place that you would expect some of the highest levels of hygiene, but because it is such a communal space, and people generally don’t like to clean up after other people, it can quickly deteriorate into a dirty, messy space that no one looks forward to using! So encourage your staff cover food in the microwave, wash pots rather than abandon them in the sink and wipe down the side after preparing food or drinks.

And perhaps one of the biggest problems in any kitchen? Organising the fridge! Make it someone’s job to throw everything out on a Friday, so nothing has chance to go off over the weekend, make sure everyone knows that any open packets or leaky containers will be thrown away, and encourage people to wipe up any spills they notice! This leads nicely on to our next tip…

Provide Cleaning Products

Having a professional cleaning company take care of your office hygiene is great, but they won’t be there 24/7, and chances are your staff will at some point spill coffee beans all over the floor, or knock a cup of tea over their desk. So it makes sense to provide a hoover and some cleaning supplies, so they can clear up after themselves if necessary. No one wants to spend the day with sticky spillages on their desk or crumbs in their keyboard!

No eating at desks

Although this won’t be practical in every office, if you can, supply a separate eating place or canteen space for you staff to have their lunch in. This will eradicate a whole host of problems – no more empty food packets left in bins under desks for days at a time, no more crumbs in keyboards or ketchup stains on desks, and no more dirty plates and bowls left on desks all afternoon, creating bad smells and making the place look untidy!

All of these steps may seem common sense, but it’s surprising how many offices don’t provide so much as a dustpan and brush! Keeping your office tidy and hygienic won’t just make it a nicer place to work, it will also enhance productively as your staff will feel less constrained by mess and dirt.