Is your Commercial Property Prepared for Potential Flooding?

Posted on 18th August 2014 by Direct Cleaning Services

A quick glance out your window will tell you that summer hasn’t quite left us yet, but the temperatures are slipping and the showers are a little more frequent, and before you know it we will be deep into autumn and that British staple, rain clouds, will be a common sight.

We’ve already seen flash floods occurring in some areas and due to the suburban drainage systems not being able to handle such heavy rainfall in such short periods there have been some troublesome areas.

For commercial properties, this is a real headache, with flood damage statistically more likely than fire damage. The more your building is exposed to flood water the more damage it can cause, which is why it’s essential to prepare yourself as we head into the wettest part of the year. Whether you’ve been flooded before or not, it pays to be prepared – especially if your building is made from more vulnerable materials such as wood.

Here are just a few ways in which you can help protect your commercial premises from the damage of flooding:

  • The best defence against water encroaching onto your property is sandbags, you can pick these up from a local builders yard or order them in. When the weather forecast is for rain put them into place around doorways and entrances to keep water away.
  • With a high-quality sealant on your exterior walls you can keep moisture from creeping into your building and causing long term damage.
  • This is a slightly more expensive tactic, but if you’re thinking of having new windows or doors fitted for any reason then it might be a good idea to have specialist flood-proof fittings to protect your threshold and keep water out. If you’re in an area prone to flooding then this can be seen as a long term investment for your business.
  • Investing in a pump if you have any levels below the ground floor can make it easier for you to remove flood water quickly. The sooner you dry the space out the less damage there will be.
  • In the more severely hit areas, non-return valves on the drains and pipes can be a lifesaver, they’ll prevent wastewater from flowing back into the property when the drainage system is overcome with flood water – something to bear in mind for health and safety purposes.
  • At a greater expense, and only useful now if you’re building or reconstructing commercial property, flood-proof air bricks keep water at bay by closing up to keep water out of your premises.

The most important thing for your business is to keep operations going and to uphold health and safety while doing so. If you have flood damage in your property then you will no doubt want your commercial premises thoroughly cleaned by a professional team.

Here at Direct Cleaning, we offer premier commercial cleaning whether you need it on a one-off basis for flood damage or on a permanent basis – simply contact us for more information today.