5 Commercial Spring Cleaning Tips

Posted on 24th April 2017 by jask Media

A spring clean is popular practice in households and can also be utilised in commercial buildings. During winter, commercial buildings can suffer as dirt, damp and debris are regularly tracked through their doors. Regular cleans will keep dirt from accumulating in essential areas but as spring comes around, it is time for a thorough, deep clean to reach every corner, banishing the pervasive grime. In this article, we will give some top tips for achieving a great spring clean in commercial buildings.

Get rid of clutter

The best first step to any big clean is to clear any clutter which has built up. This can vary from throwing away or recycling old paperwork, to simplifying and better organising your surroundings. The environment in which you work can greatly affect mood, productivity and even employee satisfaction levels, so it’s well worth taking the time to de-clutter! Furthermore, if your surroundings are relatively clear, it can help to make more serious cleaning tasks a lot easier.

Get rid of clutter

Thorough dusting

Everywhere in your property can gather dust and some areas are persistently neglected. Light fittings, cabinet tops, shelving, air-con outlets and displays are just some examples of places which would benefit greatly from a thorough dusting in a quality spring clean. Clearing the accumulated dust can have a variety of benefits, for example, it can improve air quality, help your air-con run more efficiently and reduce the presence of allergens.

Clean floors

Winter time will have taken its toll on your flooring, with dirt and damp regularly tracked through any commercial property. Carpets will likely be looking grubby and in need of a deep clean to lift trodden in dirt and any stains. Professional carpet cleaning services, using quality equipment, will be able to remedy the situation and return your carpets back to their prime.

For hard surface flooring, winter can still be wearing. Dirt and grit can contribute to your flooring getting scuffed, dull and worn-looking. Good professional cleaners will be able to use special equipment to restore the appearance and finish of your flooring.

Deep cleans are an ideal time to move out cabinets and units for comprehensive cleaning. Removing any accumulated dirt from under, behind and around these often unmoved units will help to ensure every corner of the property is spotless.

Clean windows

Once the spring sunlight begins shining, an unfortunate side effect is that it will highlight all the marks and smears on your window panes. Windows can be overlooked and are often neglected throughout winter months. However, spring is the perfect time to get a professional window clean – inside and outside – to make sure daylight and the view are the focus of your window, and not its uncleanliness. 

Commercial Spring Cleaning Tips

Outdoor cleaning

The facade of your commercial property will influence the first impression any visitors to your premises will have. If the exterior is flecked with grime and dirt is encroaching on your sign, walls, walkways or windows, your business will not look inviting or cared for. This can leave a lasting negative impression which can easily be avoided with some care and cleaning. A pressure wash is a great option to efficiently banish dirt from the outside of your property and leave it looking fresh and welcoming.

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