Dirty Desks: Cleaning Hacks for Your Cubicle

Posted on 29th November 2019 by jask Media

It’s no secret that most desk spaces or cubicles are festering with germs. In previous articles, we’ve offered our expert advice on how to keep your desk clean, tidy and germ-free. Since these articles, we’ve discovered some new ways to keep on top of the office cleaning. These methods may not be orthodox, but they’re certainly effective. This article will reveal our top hacks for cleaning your office cubicle.

busy office being cleaned

Cleaning keyboards

A classic tip for keeping your keyboard clean is to regularly wipe it with a microfiber cloth. Alternative ‘hacks’ include:

  • At the end of each day, flip the keyboard upside down and shake it. Many of the crumbs and specks deep inside the crevices of the keyboard will fall out. Use a dustpan and brush or a vacuum cleaner to remove the scraps.
  • Run a post-it note in between the keys of your keyboard, sticky side down. Stubborn crumbs and dust particles will stick to the post-it note. Simply remove the note and dispose of in a bin.

Cleaning spillages

Spillages on your desk are inevitable. Don’t throw away your papers if you spill coffee, tea or any other liquid on them — they can be salvaged!

  • Fan out the paper to remove any excess moisture. Next, sprinkle talcum powder or flour onto the paper and let it sit for a couple of hours. Shake off the powder and you should be able to continue using your notepad or papers.

Cleaning plants

Many people keep small potted plants on their desks, yet it’s one of the most neglected items when it comes to cleaning. Plants drop leaves, petals and pollen onto your desk. 

  • Ensure you keep an eye on the area around your plant and wipe when necessary to keep your desk tidy.
  • Consider replacing your plants with fake plants to reduce clean up.

Keep cleaning products in your drawer

Though scheduled cleaning is effective, keep cleaning products nearby as well. The best way to keep on top of germs is to tackle them as soon as they arrive. 

  • If you sneeze on your desk, quickly spray some sanitiser and wipe with a cloth. If you leave it until the end of the day, you may miss key areas.

Absorb odours

Nasty odours can accumulate in your office space, especially if you’re in a cubicle. 

  • An effective hack is to place a bowl of baking powder and essential oil on your desk. This will absorb foul odours and release a pleasant fragrance.

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