The 3 Most Disgusting Places in Every Office

Posted on 15th June 2016 by jask Media

Though we like to think of ourselves as mostly tidy and clean people, a lot of the time we only clean what we can see and pay little or no heed to the things we can’t see in our day to day lives, only to one day discover the science experiment we’ve inadvertently been growing right under our very noses the entire time.

In this article we’ll be discussing all of the most disgusting things in your office you may never think to clean or see to regularly, but a professional commercial cleaner would. We’ll be breaking this down by area so we can cover all the bases.

The kitchen

Although the WC facilities would be most people’s obvious assumption when it comes to the dirtiest areas of your office, you’d be surprised to discover that this is often not the case: some of the dirtiest areas are usually found in the kitchen. With moisture to be found all over the kitchen area of your office, it harbours the ideal conditions for microbial life to thrive.


Although most bacteria, fungi and viruses you can find in the kitchen won’t be harmful to you in normal conditions, their unmonitored growth can be, so be sure to keep on top of this by wiping down surfaces regularly and ensuring that they are dry.

Other areas in your kitchen space however may not be in plain view. It pays to be vigilant when it comes to the cupboard under your sink in order to be able to rectify, quickly, any problems with the drainage pipe before mould or rot can take hold. Likewise, regularly clearing out the staff fridge will ensure no food has time to go off and dirty up the fridge.

The final and most at risk object of bacteria buildup and transfer is on microwave and fridge handles. Wiping down these handles regularly can stop the spread of colds around your office, dramatically.

The bathroom

As the first place everyone thinks of when we talk about germs, the bathroom can get very disgusting but not where you may necessarily think. The toilet would be the clear thing to suggest as being dirty, but research shows that the average office desk can play host to more microbes than your toilet seat.

Dirtier areas in your office’s bathroom are actually the door handles and tap faucets, the things people touch after forgetting to wash their hands or directly before they do. Just because you have come out of the toilet cubicle does not necessarily mean you are free of the microbes that you picked up in there, and it can often be the case that you then spread them around the room and the office unintentionally to places that are infrequently cleaned.

The desk

Your desk is your primary point of contact with the surroundings in your office, and as such is the place that both gets the dirtiest in your office and also needs the most protection. Your mouse and keyboard are sanctuaries for microbes, with your hands constantly picking up dirt from other areas and bringing it back to fester on your keyboard and mouse. Furthermore, if you eat at your desk at lunchtime you put your desk in even more danger of harbouring bacteria.

Usually, it is not permitted for cleaning staff to clean or touch anything on your desk, so here responsibility falls to you alone to keep it clean. Cleaning staff will likely wipe handles regularly throughout your office to reduce the likelihood of bacteria transfers, but this will prove fruitless if your desk is a safe zone for the bacteria to grow and be transferred from. Help your cleaning staff to help you.

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