First Impressions Count: How Could you be Losing Business?

Posted on 14th November 2013 by Direct Cleaning Services

When you think about how important first impressions are you need to put yourself in your customer or client’s position, reverse the roles and go into a store or a service centre and take notice of what you first see. When you really think about it you’ll make connections to things you wouldn’t usually have noticed outright but which your subconscious does.

Here, we have produced a set of key incentives to boost the first impression you can give your customers. Make them sit up and notice how admirably clean your premises are, they will likely take that as an indication of how you do business. If you look professional then people will associate you as being such.

Keep your shop/building front well maintained

More often than not your customers will walk or drive up to your establishment, thus giving them time to process the look of your building. You want all your potential customers to be drawn in, to know they aren’t entering into some sideshow of horrors from which they will barely survive.

A few well-placed plants could spruce up the entrance either side of the doors, while your sign needs to be well lit and clean. Any mould or muck will show customers that you don’t take enough care with your sign, similarly a darkened or broken sign won’t draw customers in as well as a fully lit one.

Keep your interior clean and spotless

Once through your doors the customer or potential client won’t take notice of anything you’re trying to sell or impress on them if you have dirty floors, dusty surfaces or torn upholstery. A professional cleaning service will take care of the big messes and the little details to keep the place spotless. Whether you have a sheened marble floor or hard-wearing carpets they will require specialist cleaning machines to help maintain a fresh look, most commercial cleaning service companies will have these.

Keep up with the interior design trends

While you don’t want garish feature walls and zebra print rugs laid out on your floors it is important to keep up with the times. Interior design changes on an almost yearly basis, everyone will have their own horror story of walking into a store – be it a blind company or an office call centre – and feeling like they’ve stepped back into 1992. No one expects you to change your décor every year but at regular intervals, 3-5 years perhaps, have a fresh coat of paint and update your furnishings. Leave it any longer than 5 years and your customers will notice. “Look honey, didn’t we have those cushions in our old house?” is not what you want to hear.

Keep your staff looking professional

Ok, so your staff aren’t part of your building but they are a part of your business and they represent your values and how you run your business. Often, along with your foyer or entrance area the first thing a customer or client will see is a member of your staff. Even if they don’t talk to the staff just looking at them will be the first piece of human interaction they have with your business. With this in mind your need to make sure your staff are uniformed and carry ID badges, this shows that you mean business and only business. There are other areas of service which will need your attention too such as politeness, greeting customers with a smile and eye contact, but this should be part of your initial training.

Keep some character and the personality of the business

This point is as equally as important as the others in this guide, but it relates to your own personal touches. Your business will have a personality and, although you don’t want it to consume what you do, you need to show customers and clients that you aren’t a faceless business or a conveyor belt production line. Whether it’s naming meeting rooms after something which reflects your business interests or intelligent furnishings like kooky furniture for a design company, have little flashes of individuality to separate you from competitors.

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