How Many Germs are We Exposed to on a Daily Basis?

Posted on 17th June 2014 by Direct Cleaning Services

Scientific advances in relation to hygiene have helped us to live longer, but it seems that we have now stopped considering how germs and our exposure to bacteria can impact on our health on a daily basis.

With deadly diseases more rare than ever we have become complacent, but in our everyday environments – such as offices and schools – we are put at risk where cleanliness isn’t taken seriously.

Bacteria in schools

If you think about how hard it is to get children to be clean and tidy you can begin to imagine how much risk there is at school in terms of bacteria. It’s a real melting pot where children play, touch and interact with all the objects around them; they even come into regular contact with each other, making the need for cleanliness that much greater.

There are thousands of bacteria on all manner of objects and surfaces; from door handles to sports equipment, and the pattern is repeated throughout a school if even one child picks up the germs with their hands.

A recent study in America for one school found that that there were 13,144 bacteria on a lunchroom keypad, which almost every child in the school touched throughout the day. This shocking statistic serves only to make you wonder about all the other surfaces which our children come into contact with which haven’t been properly cleaned.

Areas in schools prone to germs

Clearly the most dangerous areas of a school when it comes to bacteria are the toilets. Germs can be picked up on door handles, toilet seats and taps, which means that educating our children about washing their hands is extremely important. Encouraging regular hand washing can help protect against germs, while wipes and gels can also help.

Education of our children on hygiene should not be overlooked – even a quick talk about covering their mouths when they sneeze, and avoiding touching their eyes, nose and mouth excessively, will help quash the spread of germs.

Keep it clean – keep it safe.

Contracted cleaning is a major weapon in keeping not just schools, but also our offices and shops clean. Regular cleaning throughout a school will ensure that, although kids are bound to come into contact with a few germs, they won’t be exposed to harmful levels and will therefore avoid diseases such as influenza and E. coli spreading like wildfire.

At Direct Cleaning Services we provide bespoke school cleaning services, ensuring that we tailor the way we work around your schedule to tackle the areas of your school premises that require attention and regular cleaning. We’re committed to achieving the best results to create a pleasant atmosphere in which students can learn, protecting them from germs and bacteria as much as possible.

To learn more about our services and how we could help your school then contact us today. Our team are always happy to discuss your needs and arrange a cleaning schedule to suit you whether you need halls, kitchens, gymnasiums or classrooms cleaning.