How many businesses are there in Rotherham?

Posted on 1st August 2022 by jask Media

As one of the fastest-growing economies in Yorkshire, Rotherham is a fantastic place to do business. The town’s economy is worth £4.4 billion, with higher than average GVA growth. The question is, how many businesses are there in Rotherham and which sectors are thriving the most. Read on to find out more. 

How many businesses are trading in Rotherham in 2022?Commercial Cleaners Sheffield

Many businesses have chosen to set up in Rotherham, with both local and overseas companies trading here. There are firms operating across a wide range of sectors, including food production, aerospace, healthcare, ICT, automotive components and other hi-tech industries. In terms of how many businesses are there in Rotherham, this is difficult to answer. However, it’s somewhere in the region of 18,000. The vast majority of these are small businesses with between one and five employees. 

A record number of new businesses 

2020 saw the number of businesses soar, with 1,871 new companies registering with Companies House. South Yorkshire as a whole showed a record-high number of new businesses. With 10,450 new companies registered in the county compared to 9,325 during 2019. This represents an increase of 12.1%. Sheffield formed the highest number of new businesses, followed by Doncaster and then Rotherham. New businesses forming may be the result of companies folding during the pandemic and employees who have been made redundant setting up new ventures on their own.

There are a number of initiatives for start-ups in Rotherham, with the local council on hand to offer expert advice and assistance. You can fill in the form on their website to request a free appointment with a Business Coach to discuss your new business idea.

Conquering the challenges brought by Covid-19

Despite Covid-19 placing unfathomable pressure on businesses across the UK, the Rotherham economy has continued to thrive. Many of the new business formations are in the retail sector, with many of them set up to sell goods locally or online, thereby taking advantage of people’s changing shopping habits during the pandemic. Whilst many towns’ economies have struggled in the wake of Covid-19, Rotherham’s is performing well. 

What sectors are thriving in Rotherham?

The Advanced Manufacturing and Materials sector in Rotherham is thriving, with several cutting-edge companies including Rolls-Royce and McLaren Automotive choosing to locate in the town. They are surrounded by many innovative manufacturing companies in the local supply chain. Over 14% of employment is in the manufacturing and materials sector, which is nearly 6% higher than the national average.

A number of large-scale projects have been set up in the area in recent years, from the development of the country’s leading Advanced Manufacturing Park to the creation of more than 10,000 new jobs in the Dearne Valley and securing of over £100 million of investment in the town centre.

commercial cleaning sheffieldA flourishing town centre

Rotherham has its town centre at its heart, with a mix of high street favourites, independent stores, cafes and bars, and a bustling indoor and outdoor market, including the award-winning Tuesday street market. There are around 400 businesses trading in the town centre, making it a popular shopping destination for those living locally and further afield. Rotherham’s shopping scene is regarded as one of the best in the country, having won a Great British High Street Award back in 2015. It’s also close to Meadowhall and Sheffield city centre, which means that mainstream shops are easily accessible. This has left independent shops to thrive in Rotherham, with delis, bakeries, clothing stores, and homeware shops prospering. Rotherham is well connected, with its road and rail networks providing easy access to major cities like London, Sheffield, Leeds, and the North of England.

Recent regeneration announcements 

Last year, Rotherham was awarded £31.6 million to carry out a number of regeneration projects across the town centre, and the areas of Eastwood and Templeborough. Rotherham Council submitted a bid to the Towns Fund following a public consultation, and it was announced that the town has received one of the largest awards. Recent regeneration announcements include plans to create new green spaces in the town centre. The development of the market square, and building of a multi-million-pound leisure facility. These ambitious plans have meant that this previously overlooked area has quickly become highly sought after for businesses in a variety of sectors. 

Commercial cleaning in Rotherham

Both established and new businesses can benefit from commercial cleaning in Rotherham. Many choose to enlist Direct Cleaning Services – one of the leading cleaning companies in the area. We can clean a wide range of workplaces, from offices and factories through to shops and healthcare settings. Our experienced cleaners use the latest, most effective cleaning methods, tools and products, ensuring exceptional cleaning standards are always achieved. We can create a bespoke cleaning schedule for your business, including daily, weekly or monthly cleans. 

The benefits of commercial cleaning for businesses 

Commercial cleaning services offer a number of advantages for businesses in the town. Not only can it take the strain off your staff and allow them to focus on their normal work activities but it can improve productivity, boosting your company’s bottom line. A commercial cleaner will use the latest methods and equipment to ensure your workplace is cleaned to the highest standards. This can make your premises clean, hygienic and presentable, killing germs and bacteria and improving your business’s reputation. 

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