How often do I need a commercial cleaner?

Posted on 30th November 2021 by jask Media

Have you decided to hire a commercial cleaner to keep your business premises clean and hygienic? If so, you’ve made a great move. Not only can this help you to maintain a safer, healthier work environment, but it can increase productivity and improve your company image too.

Once you’ve decided to enlist a commercial cleaner, you’ll need to establish how often to use their services. The answer isn’t always easy, particularly as every business has its own unique set of needs. Here’s what to consider when scheduling a commercial cleaning service.

Commercial Cleaners SheffiledBusiness size

The first thing to consider when deciding how often you need a commercial cleaner is the size of your business. The bigger your company, the more cleaning it’s likely to require. After all, the more people there are in your workplace, the higher the footfall, and the dirtier it will become. So, consider how large the building is and how many employees and customers are present each day.

The layout of your office or workspace will also be a factor in how often it needs cleaning. After all, a company with 20 employees working in an open office will clearly require less frequent cleaning than an office with 2000 people working in multiple rooms across several floors.

Business type

Business is an important factor to consider when scheduling a commercial cleaner. Depending on the industry your company is in, you may need may require professional cleaning each day. For example, businesses in the catering sector such as restaurants and cafes, as well as hospitals, doctors surgeries, and day nurseries will need daily cleaning.

Comparatively, businesses like estate agents, advertising agencies, and car showrooms may only require weekly cleaning. For expert advice on how often your business needs cleaning, contact the team at Direct Cleaning Services. We can advise you on how often to schedule our commercial cleaning services in South Yorkshire.

Finding a company that has clients in your industry is a good idea. This can help you make sure you’re partnering with a service that has the right experience. At Direct Cleaning Services, we provide commercial cleaning services to businesses and organisations throughout Sheffield, Rotherham, and Barnsley. As well as cleaning hundreds of offices, we also regularly work with shops, schools, and in healthcare settings such as doctors and dentists surgeries.

commercial deep cleanCleaning type required

The type of cleaning required is a big factor in how often you should schedule commercial cleaning services. Tasks like dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning toilet facilities may need to be carried out on a daily basis. However, other cleaning services such as window cleaning may need performing less frequently – perhaps monthly.

Carpet cleaning can often be carried out a couple of times a year to keep them looking their best, whereas tiled floors can need to be deep cleaned every six months. The type of cleaning services you require will determine how often your business needs commercial cleaning.

Whilst the frequency of office cleaning tasks does depend on various factors, there are a few things that should be cleaned at least twice weekly. These including reception and waiting areas. These are the first parts of your building many people will see, and it’s here that they will shape their opinion about your business. Toilets should also be cleaned every day. After all, you want your customers to remember you for your incredible service, rather than the dirty lavatories in your building! Bins should be emptied daily too to avoid nasty smells lingering around the office. Glass partitions are another thing that requires regular cleaning. You don’t want your stylish modern office to be ruined by smears and fingerprints.

When outsourcing your cleaning needs to a professional company like Direct Cleaning Services, specify what type of cleaning you require daily, weekly, and monthly. We can guide you as to how often certain cleaning tasks should be scheduled and we’ll work with you to create a plan of action that meets your needs and budget.

Why do I need a commercial cleaner?

Commercial cleaning services are becoming more and more in-demand. With the Covid-19 pandemic requiring businesses to keep their premises clean and hygienic to comply with the government’s guidelines, professional cleaners are more important than ever. Of course, commercial cleaning was vital long before the coronavirus reared its head, offering several big benefits to companies of all sizes.

Ensure a clean and hygienic workplace

Ensuring your business premises are clean and hygienic is crucial for reducing the spread of illness amongst your employees. This can help to reduce the number of days your staff have off sick. Fewer sick days means your team will be more productive and therefore bring in more money to the business.

Improve employee productivity

A clean workspace doesn’t just reduce the spread of germs and reduce sick days. It also leads to a happier, more productive workforce. A clean and tidy office helps an employee to focus better on their tasks, with fewer distractions due to their being less clutter to look at. This increased concentration can lead to a serious increase in productivity.

Present a professional image

Like it or not, first impressions really matter when it comes to business. So, making sure your workplace stays clean and hygienic is vital. An office that’s regularly cleaned to a high standard by an experienced team of commercial cleaners will send a message of quality to clients and employees.

On the other hand, dirty premises will portray an image of unprofessionalism and poor performance. Don’t let the cleanliness of your workplace send the wrong message to the people who matter most to your business.

At Direct Cleaning Services, we provide commercial cleaning services to companies throughout Sheffield, Rotherham, and Barnsley. Our experienced cleaners use state of the art equipment and most effective cleaning methods to keep workplaces looking pristine and hygienic. Why not get in touch to find out how we can help you? We can create a bespoke commercial cleaning schedule that meets your business’ needs and budget.