How Often Does A Business Need Cleaning?

Posted on 25th February 2019 by jask Media

It’s common knowledge that a business should maintain a high level of cleanliness, but how often does your business need to be cleaned to attain these high standards?

The answer isn’t so straight-forward. Different businesses will require different rates of cleaning, depending on their industry and size, among other factors. To reach a conclusion for your own business, it’s important to understand these contributing factors. Doing so will allow you to reach a fine balance between maintaining high cleaning standards without spending money on cleaning services needlessly.

How Often Do You Need Commercial Cleaning?


The type of business you’re in will significantly affect how often it needs to be cleaned. Any hygiene-focused businesses, such as hospitals and restaurants, will require a thorough clean every single day to ensure the good health of their customers/patients.

On the other hand, typical office jobs that don’t entail constant visits from clients won’t need to be cleaned as often.

For office jobs, we recommend the following as a guideline:

  • The toilets should be cleaned every day
  • Particularly messy areas, such as the kitchen, should be vacuumed every day
  • Window cleaning can be done once a month
  • Deep cleans of the carpet at least twice a year
  • Hard flooring should be cleaned at least once a year

This is our general guideline for office jobs with rare client visits. Some offices will require more frequent cleaning, however, depending on some of the following factors.

Size of business

A large business with lots of busy workers will likely become messier more often. A larger business may, therefore, want to invest in more frequent cleaning arrangements.

Client/customer visits

It can be important to make a good impression. Even small, standard offices that don’t make a huge amount of mess may want to consider cleaning more regularly to impress regularly visiting clients. This doesn’t necessarily have to include the entire premises. You may wish to prioritise certain areas that the clients visit (e.g waiting areas, specific meeting rooms).

The level of waste created

Are you a business that uses a lot of paper? Or perhaps a business that designs and makes products? The level of waste your business creates will factor into how quickly it gets messy. Businesses that rely solely on computers will likely not be as messy as businesses that use a lot of physical materials.


It can be wise to increase the frequency of your cleaning arrangements in the spring/summer months due to the heightened pollen count. Cleaning the office more regularly during these seasons will provide a cleaner and more comfortable working environment for employees sensitive to hayfever.

Direct Cleaning Services is a proficient cleaning business that takes all these factors into account. We have the expertise and knowledge to know which areas to prioritise and how often to clean depending on the specifics of your business. For any advice, or to enquire about any of the cleaning services we offer, give our friendly team a call today.