How Regularly Should my Office be Cleaned?

Posted on 2nd October 2015 by jask Media

It’s well known that a clean and hygienic working environment has a positive impact for businesses. Reports show that employees thrive in a tidy and well-maintained environment, with better efficiency and productivity directly related to a clean work space.

What’s more, it’s vital to maintain a clean office in order to create a strong impression on guests and potential clients; a great business has a high quality premises to match. However, each company’s cleaning needs will vary due to a variety of factors such as size, type of business, and footfall, so it can be difficult to decide how often your premises needs cleaning.

We’ve listed a few of our top tips to consider when deciding how regularly to have commercial cleaners into your office.

What type of cleaning is required?

Consider how much cleaning needs to be done in your premises. For example, if you want floors hoovered and toilets cleaned, this should be done daily in order to keep the office clean and tidy, especially if the working environment has a high footfall with many people occupying the space. Regular cleaning is particularly important for offices where computers are the main focus, as dust can quickly build up and even damage the computer’s functionality if left for too long.

However, if you would prefer cleaning services such as having the windows cleaned and the carpet deep cleaned, this requires less attention and you can afford to space these services out.

What type of business is it?

The industry your business specialises in should play a part in how regularly you have your premises cleaned. For example, companies specialising in food manufacture, hospitals and care centres will require daily, thorough, cleaning to maintain a safe and hygienic work space.

Companies focusing on computer-based work, however, may only require cleaning a few times a week with deep cleans on a less frequent basis. Consider your business and how essential cleanliness is for staff to function, and how likely dirt is to build up over time.

How big is the business?

Lastly, the size of your business, and therefore the staff employed on the premises, should be considered when devising a cleaning schedule. It goes without saying the the higher the footfall from staff, as well as visitors and clients, then the quicker dirt and grime will build up inside the office. Bigger offices should be cleaned more regularly to keep the space looking tidy.


No matter what type of business, here at Direct Cleaning Services we offer bespoke cleaning plans to suit the individual needs of your company, meaning you can receive our high quality cleaning service when you need it, and at a price that suits you.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your cleaning requirements, and we’ll be more than happy to help you.