4 Ways To Be A Tidier Person in 2017

Posted on 23rd January 2017 by jask Media

There’s no time like the present, new year period to get your act together when it comes to areas of your life you’ve been letting slip and slide. Whether it’s a new diet, more exercise or a pledge to travel the world more, new year resolutions can come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re looking to make your home a bit neater this year though, we’ve got you covered; here our top tips on how to be a tidier person in 2017!


First of all, you need to declutter your home. Over the year, we accumulate a lot of tat that could quite easily be thrown out. It can be the carrier bags amassing in a kitchen cupboard, the clothes you no longer wear or the odd bits of outdated tech you’ve got laying around the house. If an item is superfluous, recycle it, give it to a charity or bin it. Be ruthless – if you haven’t used it in a year and don’t see yourself doing so again, get rid of it.


Re-organise Your Belongings

Once you’ve made a dent in your mass of belongings, you should set about organising them again. You’ll soon find that you have a lot of extra room about the house, meaning if you are careful with your organisation you can ensure your home remains tidy throughout the year with little or no extra effort.

Clean and Tidy as You Go

Instead of allowing your cleaning tasks to pile up, why not clean and tidy mess as you go? In so doing, you’ll ensure that dust and clutter never piles up to outrageous levels, which would undoubtedly be harder to clean.

Dust and vacuum your home every few days, always make your bed in the morning and never leave your dirty clothes to pile up on the floor. Your bathroom should also be cleaned weekly to avoid a buildup of limescale and grime, keeping it fresh and inviting at all times.

Other habits you could work on developing include emptying the dishwasher while you wait for the kettle to boil and tea to brew, fluffing your pillows after every use, wiping down spills as soon as they happen, and cleaning any dirty pots and pans you’re finished with before your dinner has fully cooked. By keeping on top of these small areas, you can benefit from a clean and tidy house all year long!

Clean and Tidy as You Go

Hire a Professional Cleaner to Help

You might adopt all the best cleaning behaviours in the world, but none of that will matter if you simply don’t have the time to do any of it! That’s where a professional cleaner can help. By hiring a cleaner through a trusted and reputed company, you can rest assured that your home will always be kept tidy. This has the added benefit of lowering your stress levels, too!

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