How to Clean Office Walls

Posted on 30th June 2019 by jask Media

Believe it or not, the walls in your office can become just as dirty as the floor,  however, the difference here is that the floor is generally cleaned or vacuumed on a regular basis, whereas the walls typically aren’t. Here, we have a few tips and tricks for ridding your office perimeter of pesky wall marks and stains.


How To Clean Unpainted Walls

1. Cover or simply move all furniture away from the walls and protect the floor. You could use newspaper, tarpaulin, old bed sheets, shower curtains or to clean unpainted walls

2. Dust the walls using a soft broom, dusting brush or vacuum cleaner, going in vertical motions.

3. Get a cleaning solution together. This should include general hard surface detergent, diluted with water. Always read the instructions on the packaging.

4. Begin washing the wall with a clean, soft sponge, starting from the top and working your way down.


How To Clean Painted Walls

1. Cover the carpets and move furniture away from the walls. You could use old shower curtains, bed sheets, towels, newspaper or tarpaulin, as a protective covering.

2. Dust the walls with a vacuum cleaner, soft broom or dusting brush, going in a vertical to clean painted walls

3. Acquire some stain remover and try to rid the wall of existing marks and stains. Beforehand, test the stain remover on a discreet part of the wall, to ensure it won’t strip the paint off. Always read the label on the packaging and follow the instructions.

4. Wash the rest of the wall using warm, soapy water. If you require something stronger, mix a cup of distilled white vinegar in a bucket of warm water. Don’t worry about rinsing the walls afterwards – the vinegar won’t leave a residue. Avoid cleaning products that contain alcohol as they can strip the paint off.

5. To spot clean the area, take a bucket of warm water and half a cup of baking powder and mix thoroughly. Transfer the solution to a spray bottle and apply it to an old hand towel or flannel. Dab any sticky spots or stubborn stains with the dampened towel or flannel, then rinse with warm water. Dab the area dry with another clean towel or flannel and leave to completely air dry.


How To Clean Wallpaper

1. Move all furniture away from the walls and cover the carpet. You could use old towels, shower curtains, bed sheets, newspaper or tarpaulin to cover the to clean wallpaper

2. Dust the walls off using a soft broom, dusting brush or vacuum cleaner, going in a vertical motion.

3. You could use warm, soapy water, alternatively, warm water with a hint of ammonia will also do the job.

4. For vinyl coated wallpaper: soak a cloth in warm water and white vinegar solution and dab the walls clean. Avoid applying concentrated vinegar directly onto the wall. This solution will also help to safely rid walls of mould.

5. Rinse the area with a dampened cloth and warm water. Dab a dry towel onto the wet area then leave to air dry.


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