How to find the right cleaning solutions for your school [Infographic]

Posted on 6th January 2021 by jask Media

Are you looking for cleaning solutions for your school? Then you may be feeling a little daunted. Not only are there not many commercial school cleaning companies in Sheffield, Barnsley, and Rotherham, but you need to make sure you choose a firm with a great reputation too. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic makes thorough and effective cleaning even more important. Therefore, it’s vital that you hire experienced school cleaners who you can rely on to do an exemplary job. At Direct Cleaning Services Ltd, we’ve cleaned many schools throughout the South Yorkshire region, helping keep these vital learning environments hygienic and sanitary.

How to find the right cleaning solutions for your school



Why hire a commercial school cleaning company

Schools must be cleaned to the highest standards of cleanliness, safeguarding the health and safety of pupils, staff, and visitors. Educational buildings require deep and regular cleaning to help avoid the spread of viruses and other diseases. Schools are one of the most high-traffic environments, with hundreds or even thousands of people present on a daily basis. Therefore, if schools aren’t cleaned properly, they can easily become the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. 

To ensure that your school receives the highest standard of cleaning, it’s strongly recommended that you hire a team of experienced school cleaners in Sheffield, Barnsley, or Rotherham. At Direct Cleaning Services, we can provide a customised service that meets the needs of your school and its budget. We can clean your whole school, leaving no stone unturned. We’ll leave your classrooms, halls, corridors, gymnasiums, toilets, and canteen area clean and spotless. Our team will use the very best quality products to kill disease-causing organisms. We also have the most up to date cleaning equipment for schools, making sure we can achieve the highest standards of cleanliness.  

Reduce sick days

Investing in professional cleaning for your school allows you to reduce sick days. A cleaner school means germs and viruses are less likely to spread, resulting in less time off taken by pupils. This means few absences, more classroom involvement, and higher grades. Getting your premises regularly cleaned to a high standard by a team of experienced school cleaners can help you slash the number of sick days taken by students, as well as teachers and other school staff.  

Another big benefit of commercial school cleaning in Barnsley and Sheffield is that teachers become much more productive. A clean working environment means they don’t have to spend hours before and after lessons cleaning their classrooms. Instead, they can plan their lessons and grade students’ homework. At Direct Cleaning Services, we can make sure classrooms are spotless at the end of the day. This allows teachers to focus on their work instead of cleaning up. 

How often is school cleaning required?

The Covid-19 pandemic across the UK has meant that schools have increased their cleaning in recent months, adopting stricter regimes to help keep the virus at bay. Regular cleaning plays a crucial role in limiting the spread of the disease. At Direct Cleaning Services, our cleaners will pay attention to all surfaces; however, we’ll focus particularly on those that are touched most frequently, such as doorknobs, light switches, desks, chairs, and computers. This adheres to government advice for general cleaning in non-healthcare settings. Frequently touched surfaces should be wiped twice a day, once being at the beginning or end of the day. Cleaning should be increased if there are lots of people using space and is particularly important in shared bathrooms and kitchen areas. 

Suspected or confirmed case of Covid-19 at your school?

If you’ve had a suspected or confirmed case of Covid-19 at your school, don’t worry. We can carry out a deep clean of the affected areas. You may not need to close the school for us to do this. Your local health protection team will get in touch with you to carry out a risk assessment and let you know if this is necessary. Some companies providing commercial school cleaning aren’t comfortable carrying out deep cleans in schools where there has been a suspected or confirmed case of Covid-19; however, we’re not one of them.

Our cleaning team will come to your school fully equipped with all the required PPE, including face masks, aprons, and disposable gloves. We will also adhere to government guidance on social distancing at all times. All of our cleaning staff have been fully trained in the most effective cleaning methods during the Covid-19 pandemic, and we’re also keeping up to date with the latest government-issued guidance. A professional and reliable service is guaranteed when you hire Direct Cleaning Services. 

When should school cleaning be scheduled? 

At Direct Cleaning Services, we can provide a cleaning service that’s fully tailored to the needs of your school. We’ll create a bespoke schedule that fits your timetable, making sure that there will be no disruption to student’s learning. We can be very flexible, working to your specific requirements. Our school cleaners in Sheffield, Barnsley, and Rotherham can work early mornings, evenings, and even weekends if required. We can align our cleaning services with school opening hours and holidays. Many school principals are enlisting us to carry out deep cleaning during school holidays to avoid disruption to school programmes. We offer long and short contracts too, which means you can use our services for whatever period of time you want. You don’t need to be tied into a lengthy contract when you do business with us.


Finding the right cleaning solutions for your school can be an overwhelming task, particularly during a pandemic when effective cleaning is more important than ever. Fortunately, Direct Cleaning Services are only a phone call away. With offices in Rotherham ( 01709 230 152), Sheffield (0114 358 6204), and Barnsley (01226 977 182), we’re on hand to assist when you’re seeking the highest of cleaning for your school.