How To Keep Your Building Site Safe & Clean

Posted on 11th June 2018 by jask Media

If you have any building or construction work carried out in your workplace, it is likely that there will be dirt, dust and other such remnants of work left behind. The larger the scale of the work, the more tradespeople involved and the tighter the schedule, the greater the possibility of messy premises. Let’s take a look at some ways you can help to keep a building site tidy, for the safety of workers and the satisfaction of the owners.


1. Have skips and bins on site from the start

If a work site is suitably prepared from the beginning then organisation can be a lot easier and mess can be minimised considerably. The preparation you should carry out will depend on the scale and nature of the works; for example, multiple skips will likely be needed for a full office refurbishment whereas large rubbish bins would probably suffice for a bathroom re-tiling job. By having skips and bins on site from the commencement of work, you will be able to keep on top of your site rubbish from the get-go.


2. Tidy up as you go along

By making sure cleaning is maintained throughout a project, you can keep the site safer and easier to work in. Assign members of the team different daily clean up jobs to share the workload and keep track of tasks. Different chores could include disposing of product waste, wiping down floors and surfaces, safely packing away tools or ensuring work areas are safe from trip hazards, protruding sharp objects, debris and wires.


3. Separate waste materials

To prevent excess wastage and squandering time sifting through materials at the end of the job, materials should be separated as you go along. Separate out collection areas for different kinds of waste which will be disposed of in different manners. Waste should be split into several groups, for example, wood, metal, plaster and general non-recyclable debris. Not only should this make clearing the site easier at the end of the job, it can also help to encourage as much recycling as possible.


4. Builders clean service

After a project has been finished – whether that is extensive building updates or small scale design refreshes – you will want to enjoy your rejuvenated space. Even if the contractors have cleared away their equipment and the project waste, your office, shop, or commercial premises can still not be left up to your own standards of cleanliness.

To reduce hassle and stress for you and to ensure a truly thorough scour, a tailored builder’s clean of your premises is a great choice. A team of professionals equipped with powerful apparatus and considerable cleaning know-how will tackle any and all mess, dirt and dust left by builders and tradespeople. After our team have tackled the mess, you will be able to rightly make the most of your new and improved space.


Direct Cleaning Services offer a selection of thorough commercial cleaning services – including builders cleans – to clients in Sheffield and the extended South Yorkshire region. We combine the expertise and skill of our professional cleaners with highly efficient equipment to ensure a meticulous clean. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today with any enquiries.