How To Start A Commercial Cleaning Company

Posted on 17th July 2018 by jask Media

Starting any business can be a daunting prospect with great reward, and no statement epitomises the commercial cleaning industry better. Though often overlooked, the cleaning industry was worth a whopping £24 billion in 2017; with a £5.6 billion chunk of that stemming from commercial cleaning services. The potential profit is great, but competition is extensive, so we’ve written a starter’s guide to give you a headstart on your cleaning business journey.


1.Market research

The best tool for any starting business is knowledge. Engaging in comprehensive market research will give you loads of vital information to help you develop your company and gain an advantage over competitors. You should be looking into the levels of demand for commercial cleaning in your area, profiling the types and sizes of local companies and their workplaces. You should be obtaining statistics about competitor businesses, their price points and marketing tactics and unique selling points. Ultimately, the more information you have, the greater the chance of your business flourishing.


2.Construct and develop a business plan

Having done your market research, you should now begin to piece together how your commercial cleaning business will work. Physically creating a business plan will give you a foundation on which to grow your business and help you forecast how your business will perform in years to come. You should be factoring in finances available to you and how much cleaning equipment you’ll be able to afford. You’ll need to decide whether you will be cleaning solo to start or hiring other cleaners to join your business. What types of buildings will you be cleaning? Depending on your decision, you will need to determine how much cleaning you are able to do in a certain time period. You should be able to resolve all these technicalities in your business plan and establish an overarching direction in which to grow your business.


3.Client recruitment

A business is nothing if it doesn’t have any customers. Obtaining clients can be done through a number of channels. If you’re planning on starting up a slightly more niche business, it could be wise to invest in pay-per-click advertising. This will boost your business to the top of search engines when someone performs a more obscure search such as ‘Nottingham city centre office cleaning’. Alternatively, a social media presence with strong marketing appeal can be a good way to advertise your business.


4.Brand, marketing and reputation

Cleaning businesses are hardly sparse in the UK. If you’re going to compete, it’s vital you develop a brand that people will be impressed by and will rely on. Whilst fancy logos and witty slogans can be useful, it’s also important to remember to show the results of your business. Take photos of cleaned workspaces, obtain testimonies from happy customers and highlight why a customer should choose your commercial cleaning service over others.


At Direct Cleaning Services, we understand what it takes to grow a successful cleaning business. Our company provides comprehensive cleaning services to a number of commercial industries. We have also grown to include our fantastic domestic and specialised cleaning services. For more information, please contact our friendly team today.