Is Your Office as Clean as It Looks?

Posted on 17th November 2016 by jask Media

Although your office might look spotless, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s clean. Flu season is fast approaching, and an unclean office is the perfect incubator for the flu. Soon, you could see employees falling ill left, right and centre. The flu can put employees out of the game for over a week. Avoid this situation by keeping your office as clean as you can. Here, we’re going to show you how prevalent bacteria and viruses are in your office and how you might go about dealing with them.

Havens for Bacteria

We understand that your desk looks clean, but in general research shows that desks have up to 400 times more bacteria thriving on it than a toilet seat. Desks have 21,000 microbes per square inch while toilet seats only have 49. Where you rest your hand on your desk, there may be up to 10,000,000 bacterium, with men’s desks having on average up to 20% more bacteria on it than women’s.

However, the desk is not the only haven for bacteria in a poorly cleaned office. Sink faucets, coffee pots and door handles can also end up crawling in microbes. While not all of these microbes are necessarily harmful, the approaching flu season makes it increasingly likely that they could be.

Havens for Bacteria

Dirty Equipment Increases the Risks of Infection

If your office is full of dirty equipment as stated above, it can increase the risk of infection among your staff by between 40 and 90%. It is important not only to clean equipment regularly, but also to get your staff to wash their hands often and to stay home if they are ill. Failing to do any of these things could see your office become highly unsanitary. And when 95% of short-term absenteeism in offices has been shown to be a direct result of common cold infections, it makes sense to go the extra mile to stop cross-contamination and microbes in their tracks.

How to Ensure Your Office Is as Clean as It Looks

There are a number of ways that you can go about ensuring that your office actually is as clean as it looks. Firstly, you need to make sure that all surfaces, including door handles, are wiped down regularly – daily, if you can. Install signs around the office, near sinks and in the toilets, kindly reminding staff to wash their hands. Staff should also be discouraged from eating at their desks.

Above all, however, you need to hire a professional cleaning service to ensure your office is responsibly and thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. This is the only way to guarantee that the flu risks facing your staff this winter are kept to a minimum!

How to Ensure Your Office Is as Clean as It Looks

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