Jobs You Can’t Do Without a Professional Cleaning Company

Posted on 24th March 2016 by jask Media

If you’re debating over whether the cost of using a professional cleaning company is worth it, it’s important to consider the extra tasks that trained professionals can carry out when you can’t.

For a larger commercial property, cleaning requires a considerable amount of time and effort, with specialist techniques required for certain industries – to give you an idea of the work required, we’ve listed a few of the cleaning jobs most businesses can’t do without the help of a professional cleaning company like Direct Cleaning Services.

Window Cleaning

It goes without saying that window cleaning is one of the more difficult and potentially dangerous jobs for you or an untrained employee to attempt to carry out. Using a ladder, or even an abseiling device, in order to reach all windows should not be attempted by anyone not certified and insured to do so, and asking your employees to clean the outside of the offices windows could cause a serious accident.

A professional cleaning company will ensure that all staff are trained to carry out the work they are assigned, removing the hazard that may come with this task, so it’s essential that you use professionals for your window cleaning.

commercial window cleaning

Large-scale Cleaning

After a long day at work, the last thing any person wants is to be faced with a round of cleaning chores. Cleaning commercial buildings is a lengthy task in itself, particularly for larger premises, and finding the time and energy to carry out these tasks yourself can often be difficult. A professional cleaning company is necessary in order to ensure your large premises are regularly and consistently cleaned to a high standard – allowing you and your employees to have a well-earned rest at the end of the working day.


Certain industries require a specific standard of hygiene, such as hospitals, food warehouses, and medical facilities. These buildings need to not only be clean and hygienic, but will need to be sterilised to a safe standard to keep them free of harmful bacteria that could put patients or customers’ health at risk.

Our services here at Direct Cleaning meet the exact standards set by the Care Quality Commission guidelines, ensuring your facility meets the required sanitary working conditions. In order to meet these legal requirements, you will require a professional cleaning company to ensure these standards are met.

healthcare cleaning

Deep cleans

Whilst daily or weekly cleaning keeps the dust and dirt at bay, at some point your building will require a deep clean to get it back up to scratch. Constant foot traffic from staff and employees, and general wear and tear from everyday use can leave a building looking scuffed and dated, but with some time put aside to thoroughly clean every area, it can look like new in no time. A professional cleaning company will have the equipment and expertise necessary to carry out this level of clean – something most businesses will not be able to carry out themselves.

For a reliable and efficient cleaning service, look no further than our friendly team here at Direct Cleaning Services. We create regular cleaning schedules to suit your needs, applying a high standard of care to our work at all times. If you’d like more information about the services we offer, or to discuss your bespoke cleaning plan, get in touch with us today and we’ll be more than happy to help.