How To Keep Office Carpets Clean

Posted on 22nd May 2018 by jask Media

Due to the sheer square footage that your office carpets cover, their cleanliness and condition can really impact upon the overall look of your workplace.
Office carpet cleaning is, therefore, something you should proactively maintain to ensure your office looks its best at all times, for the benefit of employees, visitors and clients alike. Here are our top tips for keeping your commercial carpets looking good and lasting longer:


Frequent Vacuuming

Regular vacuuming is a very simple yet effective task to keep your carpets well-maintained. Vacuuming high traffic areas daily and lower traffic areas two to three times a week will elongate your flooring’s lifespan and improve aesthetics.
Vacuuming lifts dirt and other such particles which can linger in your carpets, wear down your carpet fibres and get trodden in, discolouring the material.


Entrance Mats

Dirt will inevitably be tracked into your office with the coming and going of staff and visitors.
However, by placing bristled entryway mats or specifically designed coarse carpeting at all your office entrances, you can make sure that the majority of dirt is scraped away before even entering your main workspace. This simple addition can go a long way to reduce the amount of dirt brought into your office.


Spot Cleaning

The presence of spills and stains on your office carpet can greatly detract from its overall appearance and so it’s crucial to tackle these as and when they happen.
By investing in some effective carpet cleaning fluid or instructing your cleaners promptly, you can ensure the stain is acted upon and lifted away in good time, preventing it from setting in and becoming a long-term eyesore.


Interim Cleaning

Even if you keep up a great daily cleaning schedule, dirt, oils, soil, food particles, mould, allergens, and more can build up within the fibres of your carpet over time. To give your carpet more of a cleanse than the daily vacuum, you should discuss with your cleaner an interim cleaning service.
This can involve techniques and products – such as dry powder or foam – which can attract and lift dirt more thoroughly than a simple vacuum. Used on a monthly, bimonthly or quarterly basis, depending on the traffic in your office, this can really help to keep your carpets fresh.


Periodic Deep Cleaning<

A couple of times a year, it is worthwhile organising a deep clean for your carpets to truly eliminate dirt, even that which has become embedded. Choose a cleaning company who offer a dedicated commercial carpet cleaning service so you can rest assured that they will have the equipment and skill to rejuvenate your carpets.

There are different methods – for example, shampooing or hot water extraction/steam cleaning – which can be used so talk to your cleaner to decide upon the top option for your needs. Professional cleaners will use tried and tested techniques to get the best results and ensure no cleaning product residue or dirt is left behind.


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