Keeping your office free from COVID-19

Posted on 17th July 2020 by jask Media

Lockdown restrictions may be easing in the UK, but businesses are still under pressure. With employees returning to work, they must now ensure that they’re complying with the government’s COVID-19 guidelines. One important element of this is making sure that hygiene precautions are taken in offices and workspaces.

Many businesses are hiring specialist companies to provide commercial and office cleaning in Sheffield, Barnsley, and Rotherham to make sure they’re fulfilling their obligations. Read on to find out why keeping your office clean can help reduce the risk of COVID-19.

office cleaning checklist barnsleyWhat the government says about COVID

The government says that as an employer, it’s your responsibility to protect people from harm. This means you must take reasonable steps to prevent your employees and others from contracting coronavirus.

COVID-19 transfers from people to surfaces, and it can be passed on to those who touch the same surfaces. Therefore, making sure your office is clean can reduce the likelihood of coronavirus spreading. To keep your office space ‘COVID-secure’, the government advises increasing how often you clean as well as how thoroughly cleaning tasks are carried out. They also recommend cleaning surfaces you don’t usually clean.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any cases of COVID-19 in your workplace – you still need to implement a more comprehensive and rigorous cleaning schedule to protect your workers from the disease. Even if your team are great at social distancing, there’s still a risk of infection because of shared contact areas such as washrooms, sinks, doors, and desks.

Before you start to think about what cleaning you need to carry out in your office, you must carry out a risk assessment. This will help you to manage the risk in your workplace and decide what measures to implement in order to work safely and protect your staff and others during coronavirus.

Hire experienced commercial office cleaners

Once you have carried out a risk assessment, it’s time to contact a local company that provides commercial office cleaning in Barnsley, Sheffield, or Rotherham. At Direct Cleaning Services, we’ll work with you to create a suitable cleaning schedule and reduce the risk of COVID-19 in your workspace.

Hiring our professional cleaners can help you ensure that you’re complying with your responsibilities, with our team providing thorough cleaning to keep your office as clean and hygienic and possible. We’ll fully sanitise all those frequently touched surfaces such as desks, workstations, keyboards, printers, touchscreens, phones, cabinets, cupboards, reception, lifts, and toilets.

We know that the virus lives on metal surfaces for long periods of time, with some studies showing that it can survive for as long as nine days. So, we disinfect these regularly, making sure they’re safe to use. Our team of experienced office cleaners can provide daily deep cleaning to ensure that surfaces stay clean and hygienic. All waste produced or collected during cleaning will be disposed of safely. It will be put into dedicated waste bags and then incarcerated. This is done to make sure that the risk of contamination is kept as low as possible.

At Direct Cleaning Services, our commercial and office cleaners in Rotherham, Barnsley, and Sheffield use personal protection equipment (PPE). We also maintain social distancing and wash our hands with soap and water when we’ve finished working. We follow strict procedures to make sure that our staff are safe and that we don’t transmit the virus.

busy office being cleanedCOVID-19 cleaning services

Within a relatively short period of time, coronavirus has radically changed working life forever. Workplace cleaning taking on life and death implications across a wide range of settings. Put simply, the cleaning you carried out before COVID-19 is no longer adequate. Professional cleaning services are now invaluable, with cleaners indispensable in the fight against the virus.

Don’t make the mistake of taking on cleaning tasks yourself or asking your employees to do them. COVID-19 means that once routine cleaning is now a specialist job, with knowledge and expertise required to combat the virus. As well as receiving full training on how to keep workplaces free from contamination during the outbreak, our cleaners use high-quality equipment and industry-leading cleaning products that can protect against various coronavirus strains.

The products used by our cleaners are likely to be much more powerful and effective than those in your cupboard, particularly as we’re constantly seeking out and testing the most effective cleaners, sprays, disinfectants, and powders. Your office will be left as clean and hygienic as possible once our work is complete.

Regular office cleaning is vital

Many business owners wonder if a one-off clean by a team of professional cleaners is enough. Whilst it will certainly help, it’s not sufficient if you want to keep your office space COVID-secure. Regular office cleaning in Barnsley and Sheffield is the only way to ensure that the risk of infection remains low. Fortunately, our cleaners are on hand to visit your workplace daily, armed with all our equipment and PPE.

With regular cleaning, you can ensure that viruses and bacteria don’t have time to grow. At Direct Cleaning Services, we can work with you to create a cleaning schedule that meets your specific needs. We’ll develop a bespoke plan of action. We can make sure your cleaning requirements are met whilst causing as little disruption as possible to your business. Our cleaners can come to your premises at a time that suits you, with an overnight office cleaning service available.

Cases of COVID-19 may be falling across the UK; but with no vaccine yet, the risk of this deadly virus is always present. Moreover, in offices, where lots of people work in close quarters, there’s a high risk of the virus spreading. So, as well as following social distancing guidelines, it’s vital that good cleaning routines are implemented. This can greatly reduce the risk of COVID-19 on surfaces and objects in the office. To find out more about commercial and office cleaning in Sheffield, Barnsley, and Rotherham, contact Direct Cleaning Services on

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