Mother’s Day: The Gift of Cleaning

Posted on 17th March 2017 by jask Media

As Mother’s Day is coming up, many families up and down the country will be wracking their brains for something special to get their mum. Before you splash out on an extravagant gift, really consider what your mum will appreciate on her day. The majority of mums will be most grateful for gifts which have had evident thought and effort put into them. So, this Mother’s Day, why not truly give your mum the day off and put in the effort to give the family home a good clean!

The perfect gift

There are many reasons cleaning is a great gift: it’s thoughtful, it’s actually useful and it shows you’ve really made an effort, to name a few. Cleaning is something that everyone in the family (besides mum of course!) can get involved in and contribute to. Mums will also love to see the work you’ve put into a good clean rather than just buying something.

Most mums will want Mother’s Day to be about getting some much deserved rest and relaxation and cleaning is a great way to facilitate this. Making sure the chores get done is  a sure way to help your mum enjoy her day off.

The perfect gift

Ideas for the day

Let mum have a lie in: a lot of mums have early starts to their days, getting up with the kids and making sure breakfast is eaten. Why not begin the relaxation from the off and let mum skip this task for the day.

Let the kids take the reins: somewhat surprisingly, children will often relish the chance to do something grown up and responsible, like cleaning, when encouraged. Why not start off by letting the kids think of tasks they feel would be really helpful to mum. You can offer guidance on what would be useful chores but also let them feel like they are in charge – it is, after all, their gift.

Do the laundry: this is something that often gets put on mum’s to do list and can be taken care of on the day by helping hands. While operating the washing machine may call for a grown up, hanging out clothes to dry, folding and putting away clothes can be taken care of by the kids.

Dust and hoover: these are easy tasks that anyone can get involved in and that can make a big difference to the cleanliness and look of the house. Potentially split the tasks by room to ensure that everyone can help out.

If you’re cooking meals make sure you do the dishes too: rounding off a Mother’s Day full of R&R by cooking your mum a meal is a lovely idea. However, make sure that you follow through and don’t forget to clean up the pots, pans and plates afterwards!

Go all out: if you want to treat your mum (and your home) to the full cleaning works, why not organise a professional, deep clean for the house? If you hire professionals, you can rest assured that your house will be thoroughly cleaned and you can then spend the day doing fun activities with your mum, too. 

Mother’s Day: The Gift of Cleaning

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