6 Natural Tips to Freshen Up Your Workplace

Posted on 30th October 2017 by jask Media

If you are worried about overusing harsh chemicals when cleaning, going natural with your everyday supplies can be a great solution. There are many natural substances which have intrinsic cleaning power and can be used as a substitute for a variety of cleaning fluids. Natural items can be great for freshening up your workplace in between deep cleans and can also be kinder to those who suffer from allergies, asthma or skin conditions. Here are some of our top tips for carrying out cleaning tasks with natural ingredients.

6 Natural Cleaning Tips


1.Eradicate Odours With Lemons

Odours can linger indoors, especially pungent cooking smells such as fish and garlic which can cling to the kitchen or break out areas. There are, however, plenty of natural scents which can eradicate the trace of unpleasant odours instead of using synthetic air fresheners. The trick is to simmer water on your hob for a while and add in pleasant smelling ingredients to the hot water. You can experiment with your own combinations but some of our effective favourites include lemon, lime, orange, ginger root and rosemary.


2.Rid Your Fridge Of Stubborn Smells With Coffee

Not only is coffee itself an inviting, homely smell, coffee grounds have a useful side effect in their ability to absorb odours. This works best in smaller, contained spaces and so a office fridge which is becoming overridden with somewhat unsavoury smells is a perfect candidate. Simply put some coffee grounds – stale or unbrewed old grounds are fine – in a bowl and leave them in the fridge for a day or so to get to work.


3.Disinfect Sponges With Saltwater

Dish sponges are, surprisingly, often the most bacteria-ridden spot in an office. What with frequent exposure to food waste and dampness, sponges can become a perfect home for microbes if you don’t take preventative measures. One way to disinfect your dish cleaners is to soak them in well-salted cold water for a couple of hours – this will kill off germs and plump up the sponge too.


4.Remove Rust With Citrus And Salt

Rust can be a hard substance to budge. If you want to rid furnishings or appliances of rust, you can buy specialist rust removers, however, many are toxic which can be a problem, particularly if the rust in question is in the kitchen. An effective natural, non-toxic cleaning method is to mix the juice from a lemon or lime with salt, apply to the rusty spot, leave for a couple of hours, and then scrub off.


5.Unclog Slow Drains With Baking Soda And Vinegar

Drain cleaners tend to be a powerful chemical mix which can also be pretty pricey. A cheap and harmless alternative to unclog slow or partially blocked drains can be made from baking soda and vinegar. Pour some baking soda down your problem drain followed by white vinegar and put in the plug to let the mixture work for around half an hour. Then, pour hot water down the drain to clear away the solution and dissolved blockage.


6.Eliminate Mineral Deposits with Vinegar

Mineral deposits can be difficult to shift without excessive scrubbing. White vinegar, however, can help the cleaning process, decreasing the hold of the deposits on your faucets or affected area. Spray the target area with vinegar or, where possible, let it soak in the liquid for a few of hours. Afterwards, simply wipe clean and the deposits should lift away with ease.


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