Office Cleaning Checklist – What is it and what should be on it?

Posted on 29th May 2020 by jask Media

office cleaning checklist rotherhamOffice cleaning is a big job, and an important one at that. There are daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that need to be carried out as well as tracked to ensure that they have been completed and to a high standard. Many cleaning companies have a checklist that they follow so that they can stay organised while they carry out their tasks, and if you don’t have one already then you really need to consider it. This guide will help you create the best one out there.

Why Have a Checklist?

We hear you, do you actually need a checklist? The short answer is yes. A checklist will keep you organised and help you stay on top of your work. It allows you to check off the tasks that you have completed as well as keep a clear idea of what you have left to do.

Without a checklist, it’s easy to lose where you are and forget even the most basic cleaning tasks. This can lead to sloppy work and an office that isn’t quite as clean as it should be. Impress your clients and keep your mind focused – get a cleaning checklist like the one below.

The Daily Cleaning Checklist

  1. Waste Bin Cleaning

The bin liner should be removed and replaced, and the bin itself disinfected. Failing to do so doesn’t just cause foul odours, it also leads to the buildup of bacteria which can cause illnesses as well as attract insects and rodents.

  1. Dusting

Always dust from the top to the bottom so that dust falls towards the floor and you don’t need to worry about getting your freshly dusted surfaces dirty again. Dust all the furniture and fixtures to keep things thorough.

  1. Vacuum and Mop

Vacuum the floors first and then mop the hard ones afterwards to disinfect them. It’s amazing how much dirt and grime builds up over the course of the day, and so vacuuming and mopping is absolutely essential.

  1. Wipe Down Glass

Tables, cabinets, any glass surface needs to be wiped down every day to keep it clear and remove smudges. Not to mention the fact that bodily fluids from coughs and sneezes seem to stick to them. Disinfect and remove smears every day.

  1. The Little Things

All of the following needs to be wiped down and cleaned on a daily basis to keep everything looking good and remove bacteria:

  • Switches
  • Handles
  • Phones
  • Keyboards
  • Monitors
  1. Toilets, Sinks, and Urinals

It’s one of the most important parts, especially when we consider how much these are used every single day. They need to be scrubbed, disinfected, and toilet cleaner

placed in the toilet to keep it fresh for the next day.

  1. Kitchen Counters

These are used every day alongside the kitchen sink, and so they need to be cleaned to remove food debris and disinfect the area. Neglecting to do so can lead to mold as well as cause e-coli and salmonella.

The Weekly Cleaning Checklist

office cleaning checklist barnsleyThe Fridge and Appliances. Unless there are spills and leaks, this only needs to be done on a weekly basis. The shelves in the fridge can be wiped down, as well as the outside, and the interior of the appliances can also be cleaned thoroughly.

Spot Cleaning Walls. This can be done on a weekly basis because the walls do stain quickly in office buildings. It doesn’t take much time, and it just improves the aesthetics. It’s a touch that your clients are sure to appreciate.

Polish Hardwood. Wooden tables and desks can benefit from a good buff and polish, so take the time to do this each week. It gives the staff a place to work that looks good, which can help to boost productivity. It also helps ensure the surface remains in good condition because of your maintenance.

Clean Glass Windows. Grab a squeegee and give those glass windows the clean they need. It keeps them clear, removes stains and streaks, and ensure that employees are able to work in a good atmosphere. You only need to do the inside, and it makes all the difference.

The Monthly Cleaning Checklist

  • Vacuum the Upholstery

This doesn’t need to be done more than once a month. It removes all the dust, hair, and grime that has settled on it over the course of the month. It gives it a fresh look and keeps the workplace looking fresh. There is nothing worse than an office that looks dusty and grimy.

Vacuum the Vents. Dust collects here quite regularly and taking the time to vacuum them once a month is something that will be appreciated. It keeps the air a little clearer and gives the vents a shine that everyone forgot they had.

  • Dust High Places

Those really high places on the top of tall shelves will benefit from a good monthly dusting. No one can see them, but the amount of dust in the air can impact those with allergies and asthma. Taking the time to clean these spaces benefits them and their health.

To Conclude

Using a cleaning checklist will transform the way that you operate your cleaning business and the light in which clients see you. They will view you as a cleaning company that they can take seriously and one that cares about the service they are providing.

For those in search of Office Cleaning and Commercial Cleaning in Sheffield, Barnsley & Rotherham, look no further. Our professionals use their cleaning checklists to ensure that offices and commercial buildings are left in pristine condition at all times. We’re here for all of your cleaning needs, call us on 0114 358 6204