The 6 Most Overlooked Areas Of Your Office That Need Cleaning

Posted on 23rd May 2017 by jask Media

Due to the amount of time the average worker will spend in the office, it is important that the space is kept clean and tidy, not least for maintaining morale and health. Whilst an efficient, well-kept office will employ a regular cleaning service, this will likely only cover the areas receiving most traffic. In fact, it is likely that there are many areas of your office which are persistently neglected and are currently in need of a good clean. Here are some of the most overlooked areas in a workplace:

Soft furnishings

Soft furnishings in an office – such as office chairs and reception area sofas – can often be overlooked during a standard clean, despite their daily usage. This is easily done, especially when these items are made from dark fabrics, as most dirt and wear won’t show up clearly. Dust, crumbs and worse can easily collect on soft furnishings, and can set in over time if cleaning is neglected.



Air conditioning systems are a standard feature of modern offices and most operate through a series of ducts which are connected to the office through ceiling vents. Through the action of circulating air, it is unavoidable that these vents accumulate airborne dust, allergens and other particles. Without regular cleaning, this buildup can negatively impact upon the system’s efficiency.


Light fixtures in an office are rarely entirely flat and self-contained and are, therefore, a target for dust buildup. Fixtures can also become something of a fly graveyard after the insects home in on the bright light. Since lighting is usually out of reach, and out of mind, this is definitely an area that is usually passed by during a clean.


Another area which can be prone to collecting dust is your window coverings. Horizontal blinds, which are popular in offices, are particularly susceptible to gathering a layer of dust without regular cleaning. The cleaning process can take a while to effectively banish all dirt but without this, your blinds will begin to look drab and will spoil the look of your windows.



Phones are notorious for being an item that is forgotten about when it comes to cleaning. Germs from mouths and hands will quickly find their way across a phone set, and you will likely find dust and debris gets easily stuck around buttons and the receiver. If phones are used by more than one person, this will only exacerbate dirt buildup and make it all the more important that the set is disinfected regularly.


Some people can feel unsure about how to clean electricals, leading to them bypassing items like office computers completely. However, due to daily contact with hands and prolific usage, computers, keyboards and mice can become a trove of dirt and germs. Whether there’s crumbs in the keyboard or greasy fingerprints on the monitor, a regular clean of a computer will make your workspace much more hygienic.


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