How to Prepare an Office for Cleaning

Posted on 5th April 2022 by Direct Cleaning Services

Anyone who has ever worked in an office environment will know how messy things can get. Despite there being no truly messy materials or substances, every office somehow manages to become grubby and dishevelled. It’s only natural and it can build up subtly over time. That’s why most offices employ or hire someone to take care of the cleaning on a regular basis from outside of the organisation. We take a quick look at, “How to Prepare an Office for Cleaning” here.

Office CleaningHow to Prepare an Office for Cleaning

Whoever comes in to clean your office, however, can only do a good job if you take measures to aid them in their key practices. There are many time-consuming aspects to a cleaning schedule and to ensure a full, hygienic clean all aspects must be covered. That’s why we’ve come up with five simple ways in which you can prepare your office for cleaning.


Move keyboards and monitors back

This is such a simple step to take at the end of the day or week, it amounts to an office-wide, common courtesy to the cleaners. Simply pushing back keyboards and monitors leaves the body of the desk clear for a quick wipe down. All the coffee mug rings, dust and crumbs will be wiped away without the cleaner having to stop at every desk to move things around in order to wipe.


Tuck chairs in at the right desk

It’s easy to just get up and walk away from your desk without a second thought, but if your chair sticks out, even if it’s the only one, then you block the path of a cleaner. This means that whether they’re wiping down desks or going around with a vacuum they will have to stop to adjust the chairs. Most of the time they don’t know which chair belongs where which means when people arrive back at the office in the morning they’re confused as to where their chair is and which chair they’ve actually got! Put your chair in at your desk and make getting around a breeze for cleaners.

Mother’s Day: The Gift of Cleaning

Take away mugs and plates

We all eat and drink at our desks, in such a busy environment it’s almost unavoidable, but this can mean a mountain of dirty plates, mugs, bowls and cutlery. To help the cleaners out you can wash up your crockery and leave more space on your desk for a wipe down. It only takes each person mere seconds to clean their mug while it would take up a lot more time for the cleaners to stand and wash everyone’s mug. The more time they have to clean the office as a whole the better the standards will be.


Remove desk litter

The accumulation of litter happens faster for some than others but eventually, it catches up with everyone. Whether you collect your thoughts on post-it notes or you simply forget to take away the packaging from your snacks, you’re creating a mammoth task for cleaners. Not only do they have to clean your desk but they have to remove the litter to get to it. Furthermore,  more often than not they won’t know what you want to dispose of and what you want to keep. This results in your desk staying untidy and unclean. Make a conscious effort to clean your desk once a week and it will make a big difference to the cleaners.


Open windows for ventilation

In a warm, busy office it will no doubt get muggy and smelly from time to time. To help combat this you should open your windows for ventilation. This lets fresh air in and helps the cleaners as they attempt to keep your office smelling and looking fresh.

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Hopefully, this has helped you with the question, “How to Prepare an Office for Cleaning”. These are some of the best ways you can prepare your office for a cleaning. Furthermore, it will be appreciated by your cleaning team. Also, no doubt you will see the standards improve as your staff take responsibility for their own desk and belongings. This, in turn, allows the cleaners to get around to each task quicker and in greater detail.