Any Publicity is Good Publicity? We Beg to Differ!

Posted on 10th December 2013 by Direct Cleaning Services

Society today has developed the need for instantaneous communication which is satisfied best by social media. In under 140 characters on Twitter you can make bold, arresting statements or get yourself arrested. It is no surprise then that businesses have begun to interact with customers, this way the customer gets a more immediate response and the employees of the company don’t take complaints or abuse in person. Whether you agree with this new way in which consumers vent and share their grievances we have to accept that the internet – and social media in particular – can have a huge impact on how your company is perceived.

Recently one high street retailer has been taking a hammering on social network about the state of their carpets and floors. Carpets which were stained, torn and duct-taped are displayed by pictures sent in by customers from around the country.

With a continual stream of fresh ammunition, it seems that the idea might have taken off and actually made a difference, with over 3000 followers there are now pictures of new flooring emerging, this brings hope that change can be created in such a way. An individual complaint will be ignored but multiple complaints in the public eye will usually force a change in policy for the company in question.

The look of a business is important to how customers perceive the service they are getting. It doesn’t matter what line of business the company is in, customers do not want to shop or receive any kind of service from a company which cannot even keep its carpets or interiors clean. That’s why it is recommended you hire professionals such as Direct Cleaning to take care of all your commercial cleaning needs.

While some of the criticism laid at the feet of retailers and businesses can sometimes be harsh it might serve as a good example of why it’s better to get into good cleaning habits to begin with. If you let the standards of premises slip them someone is bound to notice, and while that might not have mattered ten or fifteen years ago, the internet has grown to be such a large part of our lives that it is often not long before more people find out. A perceived image in the media can be difficult to expel once it has engulfed your business so smaller businesses, while not having as many customers, will find it harder to stick out the bad reputation.

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