Spring cleaning your office

Posted on 10th June 2022 by jask Media

With spring on the horizon, you may be thinking about deep cleaning your office. This is a great time of year to clean your workplace more thoroughly than you normally do, getting rid of all the dust, mildew and mould that may have developed over the winter. Read on for our top tips for spring cleaning your office. 

Office spring cleaning tips 

The spring months are a great time to deep clean your office and create a cleaner, healthier, and more comfortable workspace. Not only can it kill germs and bacteria that can make your staff sick but it can make your workplace appear more professional, helping your business to make a great first impression to your clients and customers. Keep reading for our top tips for spring cleaning your office space.

Divide your office into sectionsbusy office being cleaned

Since spring cleaning your office is such a sizeable task, it makes sense to divide the space into sections before you begin. Starting with clearing one messy desk or tackling an overloaded bookshelf is usually the best course of action. Breaking down the room into small segments will help to prevent you from becoming overwhelmed and make the job seem much more manageable. 

Clear your desk 

Your desk should hold only your most important items, including your computer, phone, notepad and a pen. Place your most important or current paperwork in the drawers to limit clutter. Keeping a clear desk can help you to remain productive and prevent you from becoming distracted. 

Letting your workspace become disorganised and buried beneath mountains of paper and several inches of dust not only has an impact on how efficiently you work but can also affect the health and wellbeing of those who suffer from allergies in your office. In the summer season, hay fever sufferers can be strongly affected by an untidy desk.  

Organise paperwork 

Keeping your office paperless is practically impossible, even in this digital age. Files, documents, notepads and memos can quickly pile up, creating chaos in your workspace. Use file boxes or paper trays to organise paperwork, making room for them on your cabinet or bookshelf. Don’t be afraid to purge unneeded paperwork either. When sorting through your papers, decide what you really need and what can be thrown away. This will help to keep your paperwork far more manageable. 

office cleaning in SheffieldCreate a designated area for office supplies

If old post-it notes, paper clips and staples are slowly taking over your desk, it’s time to do something about it. Creating a designated area for such supplies can help to keep desks clear, tidy and used in an efficient manner. Place office supplies in a drawer or box so that you can access them easily when you need them. You might be surprised at how many supplies you have and how many you don’t really need. Sort everything into piles, separating what items you want to keep and what you can get rid of.

Clean your office furniture

Once you’ve carried out organisational tasks such as sorting out paperwork and office supplies, it’s time to start cleaning. Begin by wiping down the desks with a damp cloth to collect all the dust. Ideally, use a disinfectant spray on the cloth to kill germs and bacteria. At Direct Cleaning Services, we use only the best, most effective products to clean office furniture to the very highest standards.

Focus on hard to reach areas

Whilst cleaning office furniture should be a part of your weekly regime, there are likely to be some areas of your office that don’t receive much attention. These include the tops of air-con machines, vents, window ledges and tall shelves and cabinets. Cleaning these hard to reach areas can be tough and you may require specialist dusting tools to clean away the dust and cobwebs. This is one of the reasons that hiring commercial cleaners for your office clean deep clean makes so much sense. Our office cleaners will leave no stone unturned when cleaning your workplace.

Hire commercial cleaners in Sheffield 

Spring cleaning your office can be a mammoth task, especially if you have lots of staff. For this reason, it makes sense to hire commercial cleaners in Sheffield. At Direct Cleaning Services, we’ve been cleaning offices across the city for several years, building a fantastic reputation for our professionalism, reliability and affordable prices. Cleaning your office yourself is not only time-consuming but can also be an incredibly challenging task. Without commercial cleaning expertise, you’re unlikely to do a very thorough job. You may lack the tools and equipment needed to access those hard to reach areas, leaving dust and dirt unattended. 

Professional office cleaning services

At Direct Cleaning Services, we use the most effective cleaning methods and the very best products and equipment to clean offices of all sizes in the Sheffield area. As well as cleaning and sanitising every surface in your office, we can also provide a range of other services, including carpet cleaning and window cleaning. We will clean every inch of your office space, making sure it’s not just clean, fresh and hygienic but that it looks tidy and professional. We provide office cleaning for businesses of all sizes throughout the region, with our team on hand to carry out scheduled or one-off cleans to meet your needs. 

Contact us

To hire our commercial cleaners in Sheffield, get in touch with our team. Call us on 0114 358 6204 to discuss your cleaning requirements. Alternatively, email info@directcleaningservicesltd.co.uk or send us a message via the website – we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. We are proud to offer some of the most competitive prices for office cleaning in the South Yorkshire region.