Sustainable Cleaning and Waste Management in the Workplace

Posted on 23rd January 2014 by Direct Cleaning Services

In society today we have become far more conscious about how our activities and habits can be harmful to the environment, taking into consideration everything from our transportation to the packaging we throw away at home. The goal of most developed nations now is to be greener, reduce our carbon footprint and achieve sustainability, so why don’t we put this into effect in everything we do?

The solutions are simpler than you might think, and in fact there are many environmentally friendly practices already in operation in the cleaning and waste management industry.

Cleaning products

Covering such a broad topic for cleaning your workplace might seem like a big task, but there are some key areas in which you and your cleaning contractor can make a big difference. Cleaning products such as chemicals can be found which impact the environment less; this doesn’t mean they don’t clean as effectively, they have just been formulated more carefully to ensure they aren’t harmful to the environment.

The machines that are also used, including buffers, washers and vacuums, can be part of the green initiative. The older the equipment is, the less effective and less energy efficient it is, and there are better models on the market all the time that any good cleaning company should invest in to ensure they give not only the best clean possible but use as little energy as possible.

A small but equally interesting facet of cleaning products is the packaging that comes with them. The less waste material there is to dispose of, whether it’s cardboard boxes or plastic shell casing, the less impact the cleaning company is having on the environment.


Following on from the previous point, recycling has become commonplace in most households, and is finally taking a hold in the work place. Your building can help cleaning contractors by organising a recycling system. This reduces the waste management load for cleaners and they too will have somewhere to place recyclable materials whilst performing their duties.

Simply implement a two bin system and ensure waste has been separated accordingly, including paper and tin, making it easy to dispose of. If every workplace dedicated time to the correct management of waste and recycling it would take us a huge step forwards towards a sustainable future.

Cleaning schedule

Once you’ve settled into a pattern with your cleaning contractor you might feel comfortable locked into your routine – as might they – but any good cleaning contactor will be more than happy to change their cleaning times in your workplace or office to help meet your environmentally green targets.

There is a new trend being set of late where cleaning contracts have been shifted to daytime in order to reduce lighting and energy resources being used out of hours. Most good contractors will arrange an appropriate time, either during your working day or just as it begins so that you can conserve energy, lowering costs and improving your energy efficiency.

For great customer care and office cleaning services, Sheffield based Direct Cleaning Services are an industry leader. You can query your contracted cleaning hours or ask us about where our cleaning products are sourced from because we make every effort to ensure that we’re doing our bit to stay green and help you achieve the targets your set yourself as a company