The Consequences of Clutter: What Causes Accidents in the Office?

Posted on 25th August 2016 by jask Media

Not only will keeping your office tidy improve productivity, it’ll also ensure that nobody falls victim to the devil that is clutter. While this may sound trivial, one of the most common causes for harmful falls in offices is the presence of clutter. That’s why, this month, we’ll be highlighting the consequences of clutter in the office and the importance of keeping on top of it to avoid accidents.

Clutter From Above

If your office has shelving in it, you need to take care that you don’t overfill it. A cluttered shelf poses a serious risk to your employees as it makes it more likely for items to fall on their head. It only takes a slight nudge or one too many items placed on a straining shelf for the whole thing to come tumbling down. However, it’s easy to avoid this situation by ensuring your shelving isn’t too full and that it’s kept tidy.

keeping an office clean

Slipping & Tripping

An untidy office space will likely see clutter spill out onto the floor, which can pose a tripping hazard to you and your employees. When unkempt, wires and cables in particular increase the chance of someone stumbling, so invest in some cable tidies to avoid this.

If your office space is plagued with clutter, it could also mask spillages that could lead to your employees slipping on the smoother flooring in the office. Tidying up clutter will mean you can spot such spillages early before they either harm someone or, if the spilt liquid is milk or some other likewise liquid, fester. Then your professional cleaning team would be able to deal with any spillages you find, and then as and when they occur in the future.

Clutter can also mask other messy and rotting items that could pose a health risk to your employees. While moulds can cause illness in and of themselves, this also attracts vermin which can trail harmful bacteria all around your office space. Overall, therefore, it’s better to avoid the aggro and keep your office organised and tidy. Doing so will also make it easier for your professional cleaning team to do their job even more efficiently.

Keep Your Drawers Closed

Although it may be easier to leave the drawer of the filing cabinet open as you pop to your desk and back with the files you need, leaving it open makes it more likely for someone to hit their leg and possibly fall over. Keep drawers closed while you’re not right next to and using them. Moreover, keeping the drawers shut will make your office seem less cluttered and therefore more professional for when you have visiting clients.

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