The Most Common Office Carpet Stains

Posted on 17th June 2015 by jask Media

carpet cleaner sheffieldOffice carpets need to be hardy, clean and smooth if you want to make a good impression with visitors and clients. It should also be kept in pristine condition for the sake of your employees as it will hopefully give them a lift to see that they work in a well decorated, well cared for office space. In fact, your employees themselves should take into account how their actions can impact the look of the office, they should be aware that it is their space and that they should respect and look after it.

While all of the above is true, there are always going to be exceptions to these rules. People will undoubtedly spill things from time to time accidentally and these incidents need to be dealt with as quickly as possible to ensure lasting damage isn’t caused to your carpets. With this is mind, we’ve got a few top tips for dealing with the most common office carpet stains.


Although you might think that blood stains aren’t likely to occur in your office, don’t underestimate the unpredictability of a nose blood. It might only mean a few spots of blood on the carpet, but if these are dripped as an employee approaches a bathroom it can look rather unsightly.

Act quickly to try and blot up blood from your carpet, use cold water to prevent the blood congealing and continue to blot the affected area. If you use a carpet cleaner on the stain, ensure it doesn’t have bleach in the ingredients and blot it until dry.


In an office environment there is always bound to be an incident involving ink. Whether someone has a leaky fountain pen or someone has trodden on a ballpoint pen. This is a far more difficult stain to remove and can be easily spread around if you’re not careful. Dab some isopropyl alcohol on the area, but first test the solution on a different, unseen area – possibly under some furniture. Rinse with water and then vacuum the area dry, repeat this process if any stain is left behind, but be careful not to damage the carpet with the alcohol.


The staple drink of the office, whether it’s one cup a day or one every hour, our coffee habits may vary but the drink remains popular amongst office workers. When spilled it can leave a horrible stain, darker around it’s edges making it stand out. To rid yourself of this stain you should first blot up as much coffee as you can, changing cloths regularly to ensure you aren’t just making things worse. Once you have gotten rid of the majority of the liquid, use a vinegar solution or a carpet cleaner which specifically tackles coffee stains.


While gum isn’t a stain when it first lands on carpet, if it gets stuck down to the fibres it could leave behind a sticky residue. There are a few ways you can get rid of the gum (by freezing it off, scraping it off or rubbing peanut butter on it) but the residue left behind has to be tackled delicately. Use a toothbrush and any product containing the loosening agent methyl salicylate to gently scrub the fibres free of lingering gum residue.

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