The Top 5 Things to look for in an office cleaning company

Posted on 29th April 2020 by jask Media

office cleaning sheffieldSo, you’ve decided to hire an office cleaning company. The thing is, what should you be looking for when you are scrolling through lists of professionals online? In this guide, we take you through the five key things you need to be keeping an eye out for when hiring a cleaning company. Everything from the flexibility of their schedule to the cleaning processes they have in place is covered. With this, you’ll be well on the way to finding the perfect company.

Do a Background Check and Ask for Cleaning References

Background checks are essential. Ask all the right questions to get the best services for the best price, and don’t be afraid to do a little searching online to see what other customers thought and also to price match where you can.

Find out when they are available to work, especially if it is outside of the standard office hours. Ask questions about hiring procedures and how they train their staff – are they already experienced, or do they just take anyone? Can they handle multiple projects if you need them to? Write out your list of questions and make sure you get clear answers.

In addition to researching their reputation online, you should also ask them for a list of past customers that you can use as references before you hire them. Were other companies happy with them, and if so why? What are the reasons they would or would not recommend them? Get all the information you can before you agree to sign anything.

Check They are Insured and Hire Professionals

Insurance is vital, and it protects both you and the cleaning company. They should be able to provide you with proof of insurance for your peace of mind, and you should check that they hire regular staff as opposed to temp workers. This is because the regular staff are the ones that hold insurance, and temp workers are much less likely to be covered.

Some cleaning companies will hire anyone and just train them once they arrive. This is fine, but for commercial cleaning companies, you should have professional staff. Ask them about their hiring and vetting process. See if they will have a clear uniform with an ID tag so that they can be identified quickly when around the office. A uniform screams professionalism.

office cleaning barnsleyDo They Have a Cleaning Process? A Checklist?

Many long-standing cleaning companies have an established cleaning process that they like to stick to. This is because it is a system that they know works for both them and their clients. This also means they are likely to have a solid reputation behind them, and previous employers are bound to mention their careful cleaning process.

Following on from this, an established process also tends to mean a clear checklist of tasks that need to be completed. This also gives you the opportunity to discover the kind of cleaning products and methods that they use each day. Are they able to identify and deal with basic problems like mould and mildew effectively? Do they know how to use each product they carry?

Ask if they have a list of areas to cover, and if this is done in a pre-specified order. Will this include places like the fridge and kitchen as well as waste bins and desks? There are some cleaning companies that may refuse to clean bathrooms, and you need to find out if there are any boundaries as well as if these potential limitations are going to work for you.

Go Local Where Possible

A local office and a local HQ is really important. Not only because you are supporting a local business, but also because it means they are close to your place of work. This means they will be able to arrive quickly and are more likely to be on time for work. Additionally, if you want to speak with them face to face, you have a better opportunity to do this when they are based near you.

office cleaning rotherhamFor example, we offer Office Cleaning in Sheffield, Barnsley & Rotherham because these areas are local to us and therefore easy to reach in short periods of time. It’s also convenient for customers when they have urgent work that needs to be completed.

Flexibility is important as well, and being based locally can help with this. You need to ensure that your chosen cleaning company is able to work with your schedule. This makes life easier for everyone, and also means that you can rule any that can’t be pragmatic out quickly. Most companies understand the need for flexibility, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble here.

Can They Keep Your Staff Healthy?

It’s a good idea to quiz potential cleaning companies on their hygiene practices. You can find out what kind of cleaning products they use, whether they regularly disinfect, and how thorough they are with this process. You can also find out how much they clean, like the windows for example, as pretty much every area in the office is able to harbour germs of some kind.

So To Summarise

A cleaning company is certainly the way to go, but choosing one can be a lot harder. These five key pieces of advice are there to help you find the best solutions to your cleaning issues in order to give you peace of mind when you finally make your decision. Remember to ask lots of questions, be polite, and find out everything you can before you agree to anything. Your perfect cleaning company is just around the corner.

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