Top 5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Office

Posted on 12th April 2016 by jask Media

The arrival of spring is the perfect time for a good old-fashioned spring cleaning of your office workspace. A tidier desk will not only help lift your mood, but will allow you to focus on your work better than ever – allowing you to enjoy the longer hours of daylight even sooner.

Follow our top tips for spring cleaning your office here.

Clear the clutter

When spending so much time at your desk every day, it can be easy for your workspace to quickly become cluttered and untidy with items you don’t need. Be ruthless and throw away or store items you don’t use on a frequent basis – your desk should be free of distractions, with only items that you need frequently such as a notebook, water bottle and  phone, within eyesight. The rest of your items can be stored neatly in desk drawers or filing cabinets.

Divide the workspace into zones

When spring cleaning your workspace, organising each area in a designated zone can be extremely useful for productivity. Think about what you need your workspace for most urgently, and sort your desk to serve your daily needs efficiently. This should also help you to eliminate a lot of unneeded items taking up space around the office.

Pile of documents and papers

Get rid of paper

Paper is one of the biggest sources of clutter in the office, with printouts that are no longer relevant taking up space on desks. Recycle all paper that is not needed, and encourage employees to use digital means of communication where necessary to eliminate paper waste in future.

Sort your desktop

Having a tidy computer desktop is just as important as keeping the clutter on your desk at bay. Streamline the icons on your desktop by limiting yourself to the ones you need, creating a logical system that helps to make prioritising your work that bit easier.

Black computer keyboard


Clearing the clutter is a great way to give your office a spring cleaning, but don’t forget to target the dirt and germs that may not be obvious to the naked eye! To give your office a truly thorough spring cleaning, make sure all surfaces are disinfected regularly.

There’s no better way to ensure your office is kept germ free and in a hygienic state at all times than using the services of a professional cleaning company. Here at Direct Cleaning Services, we tailor our expert cleaning services to suit each client’s needs, ensuring your office is cleaned exactly to your requirements.

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