Top Tips for Being Tidier at Work in 2016

Posted on 15th January 2016 by jask Media

A popular new year’s resolution for many people is to be better organised, and this goes hand in hand with tidying up after yourself, especially at work. A messy desk can be extremely distracting, and hinder your productivity as well as causing you to lose things far more easily!

If you’re resolved to being a tidier person at work this year, check our top tips to cleaning up your workspace here.

Cleaning the Office

Create a system to manage paper

Paper can be quick to accumulate on your desk, and without a proper management system, your desk can look cluttered and untidy in no time. For a tidier you in 2016, organise a strict paper filing system: recycle anything you do not need, pass on documents that need to be forwarded immediately, and have filing trays for everything you are working on. Keeping organised and on top of your paperwork not only clears up your desk space, but will also allow you to be far more organised when working.

Go digital

A great way of reducing unnecessary paperwork and clutter on your desk is to keep it digital – avoid printing out agendas and emails unless you really need to, relying on email instead to communicate with colleagues. This is a sure way to see reduced mess around your desk.

Keep bins in reach

If you have to travel halfway across the office just to throw away your rubbish, you’re far more likely to keep it on your desk until later. This habit over a day can lead a huge build up in mess around your desk, and can also be extremely unhygienic if food waste is involved! To ensure you are tidier this year, make sure waste and recycling bins are placed near your desk so that you throw away items correctly and as soon as you are done with them.

Clean, Productive Office

Eat away from your desk!

Not only is it good for your health to get away from your desk throughout the day, but it’s also good for maintaining better hygiene standards around the office. Crumbs from your food can significantly increase the amount of germs found on your desk and keyboard, making it an unhealthy place to work and more likely to make you ill. Kick-off 2016 to a healthier start by making the effort to eat your lunch away from your desk and keep a clean working environment.

Minimise clutter

Take the first steps to a tidier you in the workplace this month by minimising all clutter – limit personal items to a minimum, throw out any paperwork no longer used, and file away anything you do need into compact files to keep your desk looking tidy and organised. Not only will this help you stay tidier, but a less cluttered desk will improve productivity and help you locate items far quicker when needed!

For a cleaner working environment, there’s no better way than using the services of a professional cleaners. Here at Direct Cleaning Services, we know the benefits of a tidier working environment, providing regular cleaning to suit the requirements of your business, and helping to improve the productivity of all employees.
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