Top Tips for Keeping Your Retail Space Clean

Posted on 18th July 2016 by jask Media

Though sometimes we might not like to admit it, we do often judge a book by its cover and first impressions are of the utmost importance to us, and just as first impressions count elsewhere so to do they count for how your customers perceive your shop. Consequently, it is absolutely essential that you keep your retail space spick and span to ensure your customers not only have a great impression of your store and want to shop in it and return, but that they also talk of the store highly to their friends.

In this month’s article we’ll be letting you in on our top tips for keeping your store clean to keep you on the good side of your customers!


Following the above point, the first impression you make on potential customers is the most important one, and therefore it is absolutely essential that you ensure the entrance to your shop is as clean and tidy as possible. Vacuum the floor around the door regularly to pick up any muck trodden onto the premises and any litter or leaves that may have blown in. Dust the area too to keep it looking its best and give off the impression that you take your work seriously.

Clothing rack in retail space

Clutter & organisation

A messy, cluttered shop is one that does not sit well with customers. People want to be able to peruse your wares with ease, not struggle finding the right things for them or even to have to deal with the obstacle course that is your aisles. Keep your goods organised and you’ll even likely see your sales increase!

Dust and polish regularly

If you let your shop get caked in dust and for streaks to exist unimpeded on your metal frames then you’ll be promoting an image of neglect; if you don’t show pride in your business, your customers won’t be too impressed and will be more likely to take their business elsewhere. Dust and polish all areas of your shop on a regular basis to avoid this.

Till desk

As the area at which there is a constant staff presence, it pays to keep a constant eye on how clean and tidy your till desk appears to customers. As above, if the area gets dirty it shows negligence on your part, and that isn’t exactly an admirable trait. Moreover, no matter the product you’re handling, be it food or clothes, books or electronics, no customer wants their goods to be tainted by dust, grime and dirt when at the checkout till!


Be it customer or purely staff loos, it goes without saying that the restrooms in your business pose a serious risk of a cleanliness breach occurring, so it is essential that you keep it clean. A dirty toilet is also a guaranteed way to lower morale among your staff in addition to putting customers right off.


Our sense of smell is one of our keenest, and while we can deal with unattractive sights quite well without cringing too much, most of us find it hard to deal with smells on the negative end of the spectrum. If something in your store is giving off a pungent aroma, you could end up deterring customers. Keeping on top of your cleaning will both eradicate potential causes of smells and also leave a clean smell in the store from the lingering fragrance of the cleaning products.

What a professional cleaning service can offer your retail space

We understand that keeping on top of an effective cleaning routine can prove difficult when running a busy business, and that’s where a professional cleaning service can help. Direct Cleaning Services offer a comprehensive commercial cleaning service for businesses large and small, and we pride ourselves on our ability to keep your shop looking its best.

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