Top tips to help you keep your office clean in the winter

Posted on 5th January 2022 by jask Media

Once winter sets in, keeping your office clean can often seem like an uphill battle. The amount of dirt, mud, and debris that can make your way into your workspace can be disturbing. Fortunately, in this article, you’ll find some top tips to help you keep your office clean in the winter. You don’t need to work in a dirty environment when you follow these steps. 

5 ways to keep your office cleaner this winter

Top tips to help you keep your office clean in the winterWinter can pose many challenges for your business, not least because it can impact the cleanliness of your office. Whilst the shimmering snow and ice can look pretty outside, it’s not so nice when it’s inside your workplace in the form of muddy slush! A dirty office is not only unsafe and can affect employee mood and morale but it can also show your company in a negative light. A business that doesn’t invest in the upkeep and presentation of its premises may be viewed as untrustworthy. Read on for our top tips to help you keep your office clean in the winter.  

Place mats at entryways

Since a wet office is not only messy but dangerous, it’s a good idea to place mats at any entryways. These will take away much of the wetness, dirt and foliage that your staff and visitors bring in from outside. This will help to keep your office dry and prevent the risk of slips and falls. Place mats at all the entrances from outside to catch as much moisture and debris as possible. 

You may also want to think about clearing the outside paths leading to your office. This can further help to limit the amount of dirt that finds its way into your workplace. If the paths that your staff, visitors, and customers use are clean, then their shoes will be much cleaner when they enter your office. This means that less muck will end up on your floors.

Mop and vacuum regularly 

Since your floors will be taking the brunt of the harsh winter weather, mopping and vacuuming are vital. You’ll need to mop hard floors and vacuum carpets regularly to keep them clean. Not only does this keep moisture levels down and help to prevent slips and falls but it also improves the appearance of your office, helping you to make the right impression. Mopping and hoovering can sometimes be achieved in-house. However, other tasks like shampooing carpets and polishing floors are best left to a professional cleaning firm. They can attend after-hours to make your floors clean and safe once again.

Clean the windows 

One task often neglected by businesses is window cleaning. HoweveCommercial Cleaners Sheffieldr, this is a big mistake, especially in the winter months. Rain, ice, sleet and snow can all have an impact on your windows, ensuring they become dirty quicker than at other times of the year. Don’t simply put up with mucky windows. Keeping them clean allows more light to enter your office. This is vital at this time of year when natural daylight is so limited. 

Bringing in more light not only improves mood but it reduces the demand for artificial light, which can lower energy bills. Many cleaning companies will offer window cleaning as an extra service. At Direct Cleaning Services, we can do this for you, keeping your windows sparkling throughout the whole year.

Sanitise frequently touched surfaces

Whilst your mind may be focussed on your floors and keeping them dry and clean, it’s important not to forget about sanitising all those frequently touched surfaces. This is important all year round, however, it’s arguably even more so during winter when the flu, the common cold, Covid-19, and other viruses are so prevalent. Viruses spread more easily at this time of year, largely because people are in closer proximity and spending less time outdoors than usual. 

Therefore, it’s important to thoroughly clean and sanitise surfaces like desks, tables, doorknobs, keyboards, and phones regularly to kill bacteria as quickly as possible to reduce its spread. In doing so, you can help to stop staff from becoming ill, preventing loss of productivity due to sick days. At Direct Cleaning Services, we can make sure your surfaces stay clean and hygienic, making it less likely that viruses will spread throughout your workforce.

Call in a professional cleaning company 

Undoubtedly, one of the top tips to help you keep your office clean in the winter is to hire a professional cleaning company. Cleaning firms are in high demand at this time of the year, and with good reason. Often, firms simply don’t have the time or manpower to keep on top of winter mess, ensuring they require the services of a local cleaning company they can trust. Cleaning companies can carry out a wide range of tasks, ranging from vacuuming and sanitising surfaces to window cleaning. 

Hire office cleaners in Sheffield and Rotherham 

You don’t need to put up with a dirty office over winter. Rather than trying and failing to keep on top of the muck and mess yourself, it makes sense to hire professional office cleaners in Sheffield or Rotherham. At Direct Cleaning Services, we have been cleaning offices throughout the region for many years. We can help companies in various industries to maintain their cleaning standards even when the weather is at its worst.

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