What Does Office Cleaning Include?

Posted on 16th April 2020 by jask Media

It’s important to work in a clean and professional environment. No employee will be truly happy or productive if the floor hasn’t been cleaned or the table in the lunchroom has been sticky for three days. The fact of the matter is, you don’t have time to do it yourself and your staff aren’t paid to do it either. The best way to keep your workers happy and maintain a clean work space is to hire a professional cleaning company to do the work for you. But what does office cleaning include, and what are the benefits?

What is Commercial Cleaning?

commercial cleaning rotherhamCommercial cleaning is a service that is carried out in a business building, like a school or office. It is performed by professional cleaners, but it is different from the standard in that it is not a residential building that is being looked after. Although, there are some commercial cleaning companies that also offer their services out to homes in need of a little TLC.

The cleaning services offered by commercial companies will tend to vary according to who you hire and the kind of work you need done, but the vast majority of them will have the right tools and equipment to carry out every possible form of work – from dusting off your desk, to cleaning windows and carpets. You just have to make sure that you are clear about what you want from the beginning.

What Do You Get as Part of Your Cleaning Package?

While this does, as previously mentioned, tend to vary from business to business, if you are searching for Office Cleaning in Sheffield, Barnsley & Rotherham, our list of services is an excellent one to go by if you are looking for examples. Here’s a quick rundown of what we can offer you:

  • Regular and scheduled commercial cleaning sessions for your office
  • Vacuuming and carpet cleaning
  • Vacuuming and cleaning fabric, including chairs
  • Disinfecting and mopping tiled areas
  • Dusting, desk cleaning, and emptying waste bins
  • Office kitchen cleaning and bathroom cleaning
  • Vent cleaning to prevent a build-up of dust
  • Interior and exterior window cleaning
  • Cleaning walls and painted surfaces
  • One-off deep cleaning (or regular if required)

commercial cleaning barnsleyNot all of these are daily tasks. In fact, there are a few in this list that tends to be carried out on a weekly or monthly basis. However, they all blend together to create a pleasant and clean office experience that will leave you and your employees feeling more relaxed and productive at their desks.

What’s more, when you hire us it doesn’t need to be a regular service. We are here to help you on a daily basis if you need it, but also there if you just want some help getting back on top of the office chores because you have become a little overwhelmed. No matter the frequency, or infrequency, of your schedule, we are here to make life a little easier for you.

Why Should You Consider Hiring Professional Cleaners?

There are a few reasons why you should be strongly considering hiring the professionals to help you out.

  • It saves you time. You’re too busy for the task, and your staff were hired for other tasks as opposed to cleaning. It makes sense both in terms of time and finances to keep your employees at their desks and bring the professionals in to do the cleaning. This way, even when you and your staff are flooded with work, you can always rest easy knowing that the office will be kept nice and clean.
  • They have better equipment. Commercial cleaners have access to cleaning equipment that is miles better than the stuff you can pick up from retail stores. It is more powerful, efficient, and able to provide a deep clean like nothing else. They will arrive with everything they need to get the work done, and there is nothing you need to do except focus on your own work.
  • They are insured. One of the key things about this professional equipment is that the staff is insured to use it. If anything goes wrong, they are covered and able to pay for damages. Your staff are highly unlikely to be trained or insured, so getting them to use professional cleaning equipment is risky, and could end up costing you a lot more if something happens.
  • They are reliable. They clean offices every day, they know what they are doing and their track record will prove it. They have a whole team of trained cleaners, and they will be able to cover holiday’s, weekends, and all the other times where your staff would simply be unavailable. There’s no more need to worry about cleaning tasks getting pushed to the bottom of the pile.
  • Staff health. A filthy office leads to an increase in illness, which then turns into staff taking time off to recover. A commercial cleaning company allows you to retain a healthy and clean atmosphere that your staff can work in comfortably, reducing the amount of sick leave required, and leading to a happier work environment overall.

To Conclude

commercial cleaning sheffieldKeeping the office clean is essential, and without the assistance of a professional company, you are sure to fall behind on the maintenance of your office. There is nothing wrong with hiring the experts, and in the big scheme of things it makes more sense from both a financial and time angle. Why not spend more time focusing on work and less on why the carpet is sticky? Hire a commercial cleaning company, look after your staff, and the office will feel like a haven rather than some kind of punishment!

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