What is a builders clean?

Posted on 10th August 2020 by jask Media

Are you carrying out home renovations? If so, it’s time to think about a builders clean. However big or small the project and even if you have the tidiest builders, there’s always going to be dust and dirt to clean away. Direct Cleaning Services Ltd provide builders cleans in Sheffield, Barnsley, and Rotherham at highly competitive prices, so why not get in touch to find out more?

Builder CleansWhat exactly is a builders clean?

There’s a big difference between a standard domestic clean and a builders clean. Rather than being a light clean of a property on a regular basis, a builders clean is a thorough clean carried out at the end of a construction or renovation project. Building is a messy job and an intensive clean is required once work is complete to make the property presentable. The truth is that time is money for tradesmen and a tight schedule means they may not perform a high standard of cleaning once their work is complete. That’s where a professional after builders cleaning service like ours can help.

At Direct Cleaning Services Ltd, our team will leave no stone unturned when cleaning your home. We’ll make sure every nook and cranny is cleaned to the highest possible standards. Our specialist cleaners will provide a careful assessment of the area that needs to be cleaned. We’ll then use the latest cleaning equipment to achieve the very best results.

What does a builders clean include?

If you’re interested in a builders clean in Barnsley, Sheffield, or Rotherham, you may be wondering what it includes. At Direct Cleaning, we provide a service that’s totally tailored to the customer’s requirements. This allows us to meet your needs exactly, and so deliver results which are second to none. Before we even begin cleaning, we’ll make sure the site is clear of all building materials. We’ll deal with the removal and disposal of builders waste, debris, and any other rubbish leftover from the refurbishment project.


In addition, a builders clean will ensure your bathroom is a sanitary and hygienic space to wash and unwind.

• Remove all the debris and waste, including packaging from the bathroom.
• Clean sinks, taps, bathtubs, toilets, and showers thoroughly using high-quality antibacterial cleaning products. We’ll also use a steam cleaner if required to ensure the best results are achieved. This equipment will kill over 99% of germs, making sure your family are living in an extremely hygienic environment.
• Remove substances such as paint, mastic, drywall filler, and grout from showers and fixtures.
• Clean vanity tops where sinks have been fitted.
• Clean all bathroom floors, vacuuming and mopping where appropriate.
• Drying floors
• Removing, cleaning, and replacing window tracts.
• Cleaning internal windows and windowsills.
• Wiping down bath panels.
Clean bathrooms cupboards internally and externally.
Deep clean other bathrooms fixtures and fittings such as walls, lights, towel racks and toilet roll holders.


Let us transform your bedroom into a clean and comfortable space one again with a thorough builders clean.

• Remove all rubbish, debris, and packaging from the bathroom
• Clean both sides of all doors, including the hardware. Remove labels, protective covers and all paint, mastic, drywall filler, and grout.
• Clean the inside of all windows, including frames and panes.
• Clean light fixtures and dust lampshades.
• Clean inside and outside of wardrobes, including the top.
• Wipe wardrobe doors and frames internally and externally.
• Clean all shelving and cabinets.
• Vacuum floors, with carpets treated and washed.
• Clean all furniture thoroughly.
• Deep clean all other remaining fixtures, including skirting boards and smoke alarms.


A builders clean can ensure that your kitchen is a safe and hygienic area to prepare food, cook, and eat. Our powerful cleaning methods will ensure that even the stubbornest grime is removed.

• Remove and dispose of all waste and debris.
• Clean all doors and passageways.
• Clean light fixtures and lightshades.
• Clean all cupboards internally and externally.
• Clean all appliances, including fridge, freezer, oven, washing machine, and microwave.
• Clean all surfaces and worktops.
• Clean windows, including frames and panes.
• Clean floors, vacuuming and mopping where appropriate.
• Dust kitchen blinds.
• Clean all remaining fixtures, such as skirting boards, switch plates, and smoke alarms.

builders cleanUsing powerful and effective cleaning equipment

When you hire Direct Cleaning to provide builders cleans in Rotherham, Barnsley, or Sheffield, our team will come equipped with all the tools needed to carry out the job to the highest standards. All of our vacuum cleaners are pet hair compliant and HEPA-filtered, allowing us to deliver a truly exceptional clean. We also use scrubber dryer buffer machines, hand and floor steam cleaners, and industry-leading eco-friendly cleaning products to make sure your home sparkles. Our cleaners are highly experienced in using a wide range of cleaning equipment and substances. This means they can use whatever method or solution is right for the task.

When should I book a builders clean?

Although it can be tempting to rush right in after the building work is finished to book a cleaning service, we recommend waiting a few days. This lets the dust created by renovation work settle as much as possible before being removed. Dust can linger in the air and will continue to re-settle for some time after works are completed.

Contact Direct Cleaning Services

When it comes to building or renovation projects in the home, we know there’s usually a deadline involved. So, rather than trying to clean your property yourself and getting nowhere fast, why not call in the experts? Our experienced team can provide a builders clean right away and we’ll work quickly and efficiently to get the job done as soon as possible. No-one wants to live in a dirty, dusty environment, but we can ensure your home reaches showroom standard in no time at all. Get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your cleaning needs today.